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Gender Slurs and the Transgender Person

Tranny, Gurl, or girrl ? What's your preference as a trans woman? For those of you who have been around Cyrsti's Condo, you know my preference...none of the above. I know you are thinking "just what the hell does she want to be called?" My feelings are "tranny" is what drag queens call all of us and the other two are terms which toss me into the promiscuous stereotype that many male "admirers" put us into. I would rather be called "Hey You" or how about "Cyrsti"? I'm doing my best to educate people now and not become seriously upset. I simply say "what's a gurl?" The reason I brought out my soap box and went on this mini rant is I was called a "gurl" today. After the good news I received from the doctor today, a gender slur was not what I wanted to hear!

It's NOT Dressing Up!

I'm not a "gurl" or a "girrl" and I'm NOT dressing up...DAMMIT! I feel better now, thanks for letting me vent. Actually this is a "warm and fuzzy" post. My life is truthfully is in a nice little holding pattern. I can describe it as climbing a mountain . You work and work to make it to a certain level. Hope you maintain it and move upward. Or maybe life now is similar to being in the eye of a hurricane. For the briefest moment I am satisfied to watch the world swirl around me-not unlike a merry go round. As I watch, I see all the components of the world which have some sort of bearing on me. The so called straight world and the gay one. The transsexuals and the cross dressers  all ride by on their carnival horses and let's not forget the demands of everyday life. It all becomes a blur. Right now though, I don't care. I know this little respite won't last long but it's a welcome mental vacation. Maybe it's like a littl