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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Could Have Knocked Me Over with a Vampire?

I have written here in Cyrsti's Condo previously about my love/lust for the latest "FX Network's" series "American Horror Story-Hotel" Not to be a spoiler here, but maybe you can imagine just a bit of the blood, guts and glamour assembled under "Lady Gaga"  at the very lush "Art Deco" Cortez Hotel.

One of the characters (of course?) is a cross dressing person called "Liz Taylor" who wears beaded gowns, dangling earrings and heavy makeup-all with a bald head. "Liz" preforms many jobs in the hotel including bartender.

A curious but not an unusual character to say the least. Liz took me back to a very unpleasant time in transvestite - cross dressing history when we all were evil and nefarious in some way on television - last night this scene came along and I was floored as: The chilling character (Lady Gaga) on Wednesday's episode showed her incredibly tender side as she helped turn an unhappy married man into the hotel's most loyal and flamboyant staffer, Liz Taylor.
In the episode titled Room Service, Liz told desk clerk Iris, played by Kathey Bates, how 'a married man from Topeka could wind up as Liz Taylor in the Hotel Cortez'. AND-how Liz was neither evil or nefarious (one of the few.)

Having written all of that of course, I am sure that three fourths of the transgender world will go berserk over this as completely as they did the "Laverne Cox" Rocky Horror Show" remake. But there is more to my point: 

The only other portion of the episode I am going to pass along is when "Liz" described the experience of "just" leaving her room at the hotel to get ice. I remembered so vividly having the same feelings so long ago. You will have to find the show for the rest.

I did wonder though, which one of the writers had experienced that very personal experience-or knew someone who had. 

Plus, let's not forget how supportive Lady Gaga is of the LGBT community!


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