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Monday, June 15, 2015


Ever heard of the GenderMom blog? It's called a "Chronicle of fun and fear or daily life with my transgender daughter." Here are a couple excerpts:
Laverne Cox and M. (courtesy Marlo Mack)
"As the mother of a young transgender child, my response to Caitlyn Jenner’s headline-grabbing announcement is a visceral one. Yes, I’m kind of put off by the hype. No, I’m not a big fan of celebrity culture or reality television. But when I look at the cover of Vanity Fair, and read the news articles that respectfully use Jenner’s new name and female pronouns, I’m overwhelmed by this new state of affairs, and by a world that might just be ready to accept my daughter. And that knocks me off my feet with awe and gratitude."

"I called my friend Alice, a member of our support group whose trans daughter is a few years older than mine. “Did you see it?” I said. She knew what I was talking about.
“Of course,” she said. I could hear her shaking her head over the phone, as overcome as I was. What was there to say? The world seems to be changing, just in time for our beloved children.
Earlier this year, when I heard that Laverne Cox was coming to my home town, I sent Alice an email: “We have to take our girls to see Laverne!”"
Well, as you can see in the picture above-it did work and the girls did have a chance to meet Laverne Cox. 
The blog link for more is above!

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