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We Got Female

Received several great comments here in Cyrsti's Condo over the weekend about several different posts. The first comes from Paula Goodwin on Eddie Izzard: Paula Goodwin December 4, 2017 at 6:33 AM "Izzard is a contentious figure over here, for some he is "not trans enough" because he will switch presentation, for others he is "not serious enough" because of his day job as a comic, and for others again he is "not female enough" but is seen as a male invading female spaces. I am something of a fan, but suspect that a less famous, more settled personality will beat him. We already have trans councillors and MEPS, but as yet no Labour party MPs, We have several candidates but none yet in a winnable constituency. (I have considered standing myself but I'm not sure that I and my family could stand the media attention). " Thanks Paula! From what I know of Eddie Izzard, I imagine he does create some controversy. I was surprised when he

Eddie Izzard Transgender Politician

Eddie Izzard is attempting to become the first elected transgender member of the UK's Labour Party. The comedian and activist who came out as trans in 1985, previously missed out on a NEC spot by a few thousand votes in 2016. If   s he wins the election he would become one of the most important trans political figures in Britain, having a key say in Labour internal governance. In a new manifesto, Izzard says: “The barriers facing trans people in politics still need to be broken-down, and whilst there have been a few trans candidates for Parliament, disappointingly we have not seen a breakthrough in this area.” (Quote from the "Pink News" with the pronouns changed.)