Monday, December 4, 2017

We Got Female

Received several great comments here in Cyrsti's Condo over the weekend about several different posts. The first comes from Paula Goodwin on Eddie Izzard:

"Izzard is a contentious figure over here, for some he is "not trans enough" because he will switch presentation, for others he is "not serious enough" because of his day job as a comic, and for others again he is "not female enough" but is seen as a male invading female spaces. I am something of a fan, but suspect that a less famous, more settled personality will beat him. We already have trans councillors and MEPS, but as yet no Labour party MPs, We have several candidates but none yet in a winnable constituency. (I have considered standing myself but I'm not sure that I and my family could stand the media attention). "
Thanks Paula! From what I know of Eddie Izzard, I imagine he does create some controversy. I was surprised when he publically crossed the line from cross dresser to transgender.
The second comment comes from Joanna about the post comparing cross dressing as a gateway "drug" to becoming transgender : joanna SantosDecember 3, 2017 at 3:44 PM
"I went through exactly the same type of thinking Cyrsti and finally realized it wasn't a drug but the denial of your true nature emulating a withdrawal cycle we had created by denying it. Takes a while to figure this out however and when you do its a great relief. Nice post"

Thanks to you Joanna! Love the comment!
Our final comment for the day comes from Connie:
"Speaking of holiday parties, I have been invited, again, to the annual party given by a couple who "disinvited" me a few years ago after I came out to them. After meeting with them privately later, however, they considered me acceptable to mingle with their esteemed guests the next year. This will be the third year I will attend in all of my holiday party glamour, and I go just to spite them. They are Trump supporters, as are many of their friends, and I feel I must be there to represent the "deplorables" of the world. I refuse to talk politics at any party, especially this one. I will be, however, charming, witty, and looking my best. I'm sure that I am the only trans woman many of them have ever met, and I want to leave the best impression that I can. If some of the husbands come away thinking I'm prettier than their wives (and I am, I think, in some cases), that is just icing on the Christmas cookie. I haven't decided what to wear yet - except for the all-important smile (while simultaneously biting my tongue often)."
Being more than a little pretentious myself, I don't being the "star" attraction at a party and so far I have never have had to discuss politics. Plus, Liz's big boss is an out lesbian, so the LGBT connection works in my favor.
As far as being better looking than someone else, I can't/won't answer to that either. I just do the best I can within the limits I have to work with. Thanks for the comment.

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