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Monday, November 12, 2012

She was a He?

Did he know those little blue pills were really estrogen????
I know...have to heal!
Here's the real point I was getting to:

"Kayo Sato is a famous model in Japan who confessed that “she” was a “he” on a TV show in 2010. She has been pretty popular since then among not only men but also girls due to her femininity and cuteness. Ms. Sato revealed her unbelievably pinched-in small waist as a cosplay character recently and the picture knocked out her fans. She posted pictures to her blog of herself dressed up as “Crimson Viper”, a character from the famous video game series “Street Fighter.” She poses in a costume that looks like a formal dress suit and the vest emphasizes her bust and waist. Her flat belly and curvy waist indeed make her look much more ’2D’ than ’3D.’ The picture KO’d fans, who raved over her beautiful face and sexy body."

From Rocket24

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