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Change Is Possible

From the LGBTQ Nation : " Walgreens has announced it will change its bathroom policies after a   transgender woman was discriminated against while trying to use the women’s facilities in Hollywood last year. While on her way to LA Pride, Jessie Meehan stopped into a Walgreens store and asked an employee if she could use the bathroom. She said she was told she would have to use the men’s facilities because she “looked like a man.” The  ACLU  of Southern  California  supported Meehan in her attempts to affect change, and it  announced in a press release today  that those efforts have been successful. “Meehan ended up having to use a stall in the men’s room,” the statement recounts. “She was humiliated and upset. Afterward, she sought a change in the company’s policies.” “Through her efforts, with the backing of the ACLU of Southern California, the Walgreens pharmacy chain with more than 8,000 stores nationwide adopted a policy to address bathroom  discrimination ,” it