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Cyrsti Can Remember Her Past!

Well at my age, I may need some help in the memory department! Of course, with the help of "Blogger" and it's wonderful archives, we are dusting off a few of our initial posts from two years ago. For some reason, the last one I brought back was never actually posted here on "Cyrsti's Condo". This one was: I have been frequenting a couple of the casual chain bar/restaurants in the area for over ten years. On my first visit, I was so scared I took a seat next to a supporting post around the bar and tried to blend with it! Nothing in my closet that screamed Oak, so that didn't work. I lived that night and found out the world wasn't trying to destroy me and continued to return. In fact, a couple of the bartenders that have waited on me since the beginning are still there! I also became pretty good "buds" (no not the beer) with the crew of the companies' other unit. I ended up one night sitting next to one of the bartender