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It's a Beautiful Life!

Just when I'm ready to go blond or just give up for summer...something or somebody comes along to change everything. I've told all of you about my on again, off again love affair with my dark wavy hair. I wore it today and all was fairly quiet as I finished my Memorial Day weekend. A wonderful day it was as a friend touched my soul with his words. Making the evening even more interesting was my new found ability to cross my legs in my short skirt. The absolute best part was when a woman I have known for years took the time to stop and specifically compliment me on my hair. In "girl speak" she was saying it was my best look ever. That's two now.... I guess the dark wavy is here to stay!

I Love a Good Horoscope!

Then again,,,I don't believe in a bad one! from " the Frisky ". Libra (September 23- October 22 ) Don’t hold back and get too controlling about anything right now, as it’s spontaneity and being open-minded that’ll brighten your life now. Yes, slated on your astral agenda this week are romantic scenarios that put you back into the spotlight of your own life. Miracles will appear out of nowhere and love blooms alive. Just one word of caution, don’t ignore reality completely.

Thanks Trans Vets!

It's the day in the USA to honor out vets who gave their all. From one trans veteran to all of you vets, .maybe someday we will see peace in the world. To the remainder of you all, I'm sure you know or have a family member who lost their life in one of country's wars or conflicts. Remember with pride, thank the living and enjoy your day!

Not Paying The Price For Fashion?

In my part of the world,  the majority of women have chosen skin over nylon for their exposed legs.Of course these women have spawned debate after indignant debate in the trans community.Why would they do that? Some trans girls  wouldn't consider them selves completely dressed without a pair of hose.. Some consider the feel of the nylon too wonderful to miss. The fact still remains if you are fashionable female under the age of 50 in my part of the world, you do not wear them. Exceptions of course are the women who need to cover up leg imperfections such as varicose veins. I'm lucky to have the skin and legs to be able to go "bare" I resisted for the longest time...until last summer. I was looking for a pair of nude sheer to the waist panty hose for a long slit skirt I was going to wear to dinner. I was not impressed by the fact I could just not go a big box store and pick up a pair anymore. I could find nothing in my size!  I resorted to the next best thing..

I Hear It!

Just a whisper comes floating across my room. "It's summer. Go blond and they will come!" OK, too many movies. I know!!!! Still, it's inviting. The problem is a radical hair change destroys the relationship with some I have worked long and hard to perfect. Explaining new curls in hair  the same color is easy to explain. A total new hair color isn't. I know you are thinking women do it all the time. The difference is that they normally don't go back quickly to the old color. I might want to. I have considered doing it and going to some brand new venues and checking the responses. I will keep you posted! Cyrsti


I felt a little adventurous last night. After all, it was Saturday right in the middle of a holiday weekend. I 've putting this outfit together for weeks. Mixing and matching with no success until I just happened to find my black "flippy" skirt I loved soooo much! I wore my off the shoulder top which came about half way down the skirt which came half way up my thigh. The choice of shoes was easy. I have a pair of decorated shiny black flats. The outfit was a mix of black and a olive green in the top and showed adequate skin for the season.  The big decision was my and wavy or conservative straight with bangs?  I have fallen back in love with the long wavy style you see in the picture at the top of the blog. It is actually cooler than my long straight hair in the summer weather. So, why not? Bring on the curls girl! Of course this was just the beginning. I was fortunate to have had an early day at work and had time to shave my legs and get ready. No quick s

Couldn't Said It Better!

Maybe I did...kind! From " Creative Loafing Atlanta "  Comes a question about picking up a transgendered person. After a couple stupid stereotypes, words and jokes, the "Sexorist" finally delivered some sound advice: "First, look your best. You're dealing with somebody who takes extraordinary measures to look like an appealing woman. She is going to expect her men to have some pride in their appearance. Next, be sure of what you want. If she senses that all you want is a piece of strange with a capital S, she'll most likely send you packing. She's not interested in being somebody's experiment. You're probably not a little bit nervous meeting her, and you need to get a grip on it. Most likely the nervousness is from those questions banging in your head. As in, "Why am I attracted to T-girls and what does that say about me?" That you're gay? Extremely doubtful. Most guys into T-girls are straight. That you&#

House Keeping in the Condo

I have always attempted to find the best blogs to link to. Some of these links were supposed to be contingent on relinking to me or on content. I have deleted several that failed on one or both of the criteria. If you have or know of a great blog to link to...let me know! Please! Cyrsti


Welcome to several new followers! Thanks for your interest.  Thanks also to all you long timers. All of you make this all so worthwhile! Cyrsti

Top 11 Reasons!

From " Betty Confidential " the eleven top reasons why it's awesome being a woman. When you read them, I think you will believe how true the reasons are! Cyrsti


From " Kotako .Com" comes the story about Japanese model "Kayo Satoh" "Bryan Ashcraft wrote : Kayo Satoh, aka "Kayo Police", is one of Japan's most talented Street Fighter players. She's also a popular fashion model. But she wasn't always a she. Satoh was born a male, something she finally revealed last fall on Japanese TV program Majotachi no 22ji ("Witches' 10pm"). For years, Satoh appeared in women's fashion magazines with none of her fellow models or magazine editors knowing that she had been born a man. According to Satoh, she began injecting herself with hormones from 15 years-old, something she continues, and besides her injections, she hasn't undergone any surgery. Her blog lists her sex as "female", but in Re-born , she prefers "human". I really like the "human" description!

It is What it Is!

I overheard this description of me: "She's a guy who only dates women." That covers so much ground even I hard a hard time getting my mind around it. After an hour or so, I did get my mind around it and this is what I came up with. Obviously, I would have preferred to have never been identified as trans. Once I was, I was referred to as "she".and a "guy" in the space of about four words. Finally, the comment about women is very outdated and comes from a "bi" woman I was very interested in...two years ago It is what it is!

The "Eyes" Have it!

Today a guy friend and I  had a great discussion about my weekend. I made a big point of  telling him how much he would have enjoyed the female scenery last night. The topic flowed along until I mentioned the blond who gave me the "you bitch" look. He asked why and I told him I wasn't sure but I gave it right back to her. Was it my hair, clothes or makeup? Was I a threat somehow? Don't know. Don't care. I went on to explain the incredible amount of time women communicate with other women just using their eyes. Was this form of communication perfected by the cave girls when they were  picking berries and danger approached? A better explanation is that men just don't listen to women or don't understand what is being said to them  (True) Women have just perfected a gender specific form of communication to function. By this time, my friend said "I must have missed all of that" and I said he was supposed to and the conversation  moved on. He wouldn

No Stana and The World is Still Here!

Overall this weekend went fairly well. After all the world didn't end at 6 Saturday, so all was OK except...I really wanted to meet "Stana" this weekend.  Who is she? "Stana" just could be one of the leading transgendered bloggers anywhere. Her " Femulate " blog is the best and just recently celebrated 2 million hits. Wow! She lives on the East Coast and travels to my part (Midwest) of the world every so often for a convention. As luck would have it, I was going to be off the first day only and thought I could make it. I was as nervous as a teen groupie as I planned what I was going to wear and would I look good enough. I even wondered if I had the courage to even talk to her! Of course it wasn't going to matter anyway.  A series of misadventures (including a flat tire) and financial set backs doomed be to not being able to go. I was truly disappointed. I admire her for many things including her outreach work to college students . Hopefully t

I Transitioned?

Last night I transitioned another step. Moving effortlessly through situations I never would have dreamed of doing years ago made me realize how far I've come. Surviving a group of alcoholic enhanced 20 and 30 somethings as a single woman in a tavern is on the huge "no no" list. To be able to enjoy it is unthinkable to me and I am so lucky. As I tweeted last night, I even watched the other girls at the bar and copied how they held their beer mugs. I was able to come up with a new "grip" that shows less of a fist and more of a thumb and forefinger hold that shows off my nails and minimizes the size of my hands. I guess that is another "transition"? My transition is different anyhow, so why not put that on the list? No hormones or surgery do create a unique question. Mentally am I training my male body to be female? Am I simply being a better actress to the point of obsession? I do know I'm becoming less secure in male situations, so I really d

Whose on the "T"?

I believe it is terstonerone that affects the sex drive in women. If that was the case, the place I was last night had more than a couple girls who shaved more than their legs before coming out to party. I'm not a stranger to the fact younger women today are becoming very aggressive. They fight, cuss and chase men with the best of them. From the dark haired beauty in her little black dress and boots to the three tall blonds that walked in, the show was on. I know where I fit in the hierarchy.  I just try to sit without being approached, use the women's room when needed and enjoy a couple drinks. To present successfully and enjoy the show is all I ask. My only "success"last night was the "bitch!" look I got from one of the blonds. The star of last night's show was the dark haired girl in the boots.  She sat down the bar from me with an amazing leg cross. I was so envious of her ability to cross her legs so far up her thighs, I was afraid I was the co

Return to Jerry?

According to " KHOU " in Houston, Texas Nicki Araguz is working on a reality TV show. The transgendered widow of a fallen Wharton, Texas firefighter  is working with a Houston film maker to produce the show. Currently, Nicki is in court to claim over a half a million dollars of insurance money from her husbands death. If you remember this is the same Nicki who started her TV career with talk shows such as "Jerry Springer". As the current story came to light many transgendered organizations and people voiced support for her...including me. The news about a proposed reality show (if true) proves to me Nicki is the same person who admitted to to performing oral sex on a guy years ago on Springer. I'm sure I won't be the one to hurt her career on reality TV. I just hope she won't be the one who hurts transgendered causes everywhere.

We Are Not Ready!

Take a second and try to think of the number one transgendered entertainer in the USA. Times can't think of one can you? Good Ole macho Uncle Sam hasn't produced any "Harisu's" from Korea or "Dana Internationals" from Israel. I won't even go into transgender stars from Japan and India. It seems we can't even produce a sitcom (or reproduce) with  good convincing cross dressing actors. A new show called "Work It" is being put together with the good old tried and true idea of men not being able to find jobs as guys and go after employment as women. What a wild and crazy idea! Sure, the USA has produced notable big screen parts for Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis and Dustin Hoffman to show off as women. The television has basically  given us guys playing women for laughs. "Milton Berle" and "Flip Wilson" are two that come to mind. We always knew they were taking the dress off when they got off the stage. If " W


This shot is of Jai Rodriquez dressed as "Amanda Knot" in "Harry's Law." As you can see Jai looks terrific and this not his first time in a dress in front of the cameras. For a couple more shots follow this link ! The legs and heels are worth it, Thanks Jen and Tina!!!!

Was It Something I Said?

I normally stay completely to myself. Speak when spoken too. Content with moving through society in my own little stealth mode. Recently I stepped out of the mode to "help" a couple of 20 something guys with two "can't miss" trivia answers. (Hey 2 out of 20?). The seat I chose next to them was  the only one left and they gave me a long glance as I sat down. Our unseasonably cold weather was continuing and I was meeting a guy there later so I wore one of my favorite "black" outfits. Black sweater, leather coat and hair accessorized with silver earrings and necklace. As I caught up on my cell messages, I overheard them agonizing over a question about an old " Wonder Bread " commercial I leaned over and gave them my answer and was ignored and that was fine. After all, ignoring women is an age old male art form, trans or not. Much later in the same round another question came up in a baseball category. I knew the answer and told one of them w

Putting A Job Where Your Feelings Are.

The "Meggan Sommerville" and "Hobby Lobby" debacle in Aurora, Illinois started me thinking. Would I hire Meggan now? For 30 plus years I've been in an industry (retail) in a hiring position. I put myself on a pedestal for hiring a trans woman years ago. A closer look makes that pedestal look very shaky at times. The woman I hired was actually a great fit for the concept I hired her for. On the other hand I knew I was leaving that store the next week and wouldn't be there for the repercussions. It turned out there were few but life went on. I lost touch with how long the woman lasted there. How would I react today? It would be tough. To my knowledge the woman was the only trans female I have ever interviewed in my career. If she walked back through my door today would I hire her again. Would I toss my "guy" reputation on the line? I would but I'm fairly sure the company I work for wouldn't. I can't condemn them completely. They have


Meggan Sommerville From the " WLS " news blog in Chicago: ":A west suburban transgender woman has filed two charges of discrimination with the state against the Aurora arts and crafts store she has worked at for a number of years, stating that management has barred her from using the women's restroom and threatened her with further disciplinary action if she were to use the women's room in the future Meggan Sommerville of Oswego was born Mark Sommerville,  according to the charges filed in April with the Illinois Department of Human Rights (IDHR). Sommerville has worked for Hobby Lobby, an arts and crafts supply store, in Aurora "for a number of years," according to her lawyer, Betty Tsamis. In July of 2010, Sommerville began to transition from male to female, the charges state." The story goes on to point out the Meggan was not allowed to use the women's room at work and even was written up for using the men's at one point

Two Queens in a Deck.

Yet another fascinating look into the various subcultures we live with are "Queens dating Queens". I ran across a interesting article on the subject from " Edge " from Boston. Sahara Davenport and Manila Luzon  "In the gay world, drag queens are expected to go out with more masculine-appearing men. But when that expectation is violated, it is sometimes met with derision or surprise. Still, some drag queens are attracted to other drag queens. And these "ki kis" (pronounced kai kai) - defined by Urban Dictionary as drag queens having sex - are often alluded to with an amused or slightly negative tone. " I too bought into the stereotype. Many years ago my wife had a couple male employees who were beautiful drag queens. At no point in time did they ever indicate they were sexually interested in other than gay guys. At all of the drag shows I have ever been to the queens are always flirting with guys not other queens. Shame on me! A notabl

Another Look!

This is " Dana International " from Israel. This is "Harisu" a famous transsexual entertainer in Korea. This me being jealous!!!!!lol

Weekend Update.

Friday was a day off and I spent the whole afternoon getting most of my body ready for summer fashion. I  really wore out some razor blades lol! I have a loose frilly top that shows a lot of shoulder and back skin and the weather was ideal for a the legs were a huge priority too. I do the "bare legged" look like most women here. I was heading downtown for one of the events they host during the summer into the fall.  Restaurants, bars, art galleries and merchants are all at their best for the crowd. I stopped at one of my regular places on the way  for a couple of drinks.  I do mention on occasion I patronize straight venues with alcohol so I can take nothing for granted.  Public perception and rest room privileges are a constant variable. I really don't have much of a problem but I never really know. I did have a small hassle that night.  One guy circled me at the bar and asked the bartender loudly "what's up with the hottie at the corner of the bar&q

Life is a Bitch!

Then you become one? I know a few of my trans sisters who have achieved that lofty goal. I don't want to become one though. Every so often I get frustrated with the number of men who "want to meet me".  I can normally expect a lifespan of a week or two on that comment. I do understand I'm a rather exotic commodity and they fall in "lust" with the fantasy. The frustration sets in when I consider how easy it really is to meet up with me if you are a local guy or woman. I lead a really active life. I am out there. I'm very adamant in the fact I will not meet someone for the first or even ever in a hotel room. That alone takes many men (married) out of the mix. I'm sure many of the guys who contact me do want to meet me but just can't for any number of reasons. Again I bring up the wife or what would their buddies think? Maybe the learning curve should lessen the frustration level. I've always felt my goal was a simple one. I would love a fr

Pick A Label

From "Salon"   Comes a review of a new book  from Jon-Jon Goulian's memoir "The Man in the Gray Flannel Skirt," A couple of excerpts caught my eye, including a dazzling array of labels!  Choose one or two for yourself...or even three.  There are many left for your friends. Goulian writes: "Whether I like it or not, they'll find just the right label for me -- homosexual, bisexual, transsexual, polysexual, metrosexual, metasexual; autosexual, cryptosexual, crypticsexual, protosexual, extraterrasexual, gender-bender, glam-boy, player, poseur, flaneur, slut, aesthete, dandy, lebenskunstler; lotus-eater; bohemian nymph; bourgeois nymph; bourgeois nymph masquerading as a bohemian nymph! -- and, whether they like it or not, they’re determined to make it stick." The book is being released in the next couple of days and looks interesting in that Goulian seems to be yet another person who breaks the gender mold. He once worked for an Italian mobster

From Thailand to India

Look for her on NBC's Thursday Night sitcom "Outsourced". Episodes 121 and 122 to air in April and May 2011. Ms. Aneesh Sheth is a transgender actress and activist. Born in Pune, India.

And The Winner is!!!

 The final four contestants for the Miss Thailand  Beauty Pageant show us once again the most beautiful women in Thailand weren't born that way.! You may have seen this already. I actually posted this Wednesday but problems with "Blogger" deleted it! Cyrsti

The Hign Maintnenance Third Gender?

This morning as I got ready for work, I shaved my face and legs. I would guess that makes me semi unique in society. The razor is just the start. Last night I bought a new facial scrub and a "healthy glow" tan product for my legs. Summer has finally arrived in my part of the world, so it's time to get my legs "skirt presentable". The legs of course go hand in hand with making sure my toe nails look good and are painted and ready for open toed shoes. Perhaps it is a good thing that my male maintenance is so simple. I can make the extra time for the girl stuff. Interestingly enough, the "girl work" used to be an exciting labor of love.  Now it's a necessary part of my life. I'm lucky in that my natural hormone replacement therapy (old age) has done a wonderful job of slowing down my hair growth. I can get away with shaving my legs every two or three days now. I do enjoy the feel of my legs under my pants at work and the unique "tingl

Back Again!!!

Hi friends, my on again off again Internet service is back on! As always, life has continued to move at "warp" speed even if my Internet doesn't. My "weekend" is over. Monday and Tuesday are basically my days off and I had two fun days.  I've mentioned before my Tuesday trips to a huge 2 dollar pint night at a nearby sports pub. My Tuesday visit this week was unique in that I was able to find a good seat that allowed me to observe others and enjoy my evening (even watching my favorite baseball team win on one of the big screens). The crowd was young with more females than I have seen for awhile.  Most likely because many of the colleges are starting to finish for the summer. I felt humbled by all the beautiful young women in the pub and happy I could co-exist without so much a glance. Towards the end of the evening a glitzy beautiful blond grabbed one of the two rare open seats next to me.  From head to toe she had it all. Great makeup, clothes, jewelry

My First Wedding Party!

I found myself on the inside looking in last night when at least fifteen or so "20 somethings" gathered around me ordering drinks after a wedding. I started to feel a little uneasy about my situation and almost decided to leave. I was texting a friend and getting to know him a little better so I thought I would just stay for awhile. As it turned out, no one seemed to notice or care about me. I had one girl talk briefly to me. She said I looked beautiful (a true giveaway she knew I was trans) and a couple more who made small talk. One of them was a truly big attractive girl. I always love it when I'm not the biggest woman in the room! We actually met eye to eye in the bathroom as I was coming out of a stall and I had a chance to check out her outfit and style by the bar. I finished my conversation with my friend on the phone and shortly went on my way. On the way home I thought how wonderful is it that the younger the population gets, the more it seems to accept us! T

Is "Katie" the Future?

This is "Katie" on the left trying on a bracelet with her mother. As you probably guessed since I'm blogging about her, Katie used to be "Luke".From the " Tulsa World" comes Katie's story.. Katie grew up with three other brothers and a Marine officer Dad. Here's an excerpt from the story that just blew me away! Just in time for Mother's Day. Mom..."I was expecting (Luke) to sit me down and say, 'Mom, I'm gay,' " Jazzlyn recalled. Instead, at age 15, Luke told her: "I'm not gay, Mom. I'm transgender." Her reaction: "A trans-what? I had prepared myself for 13, 14 years that my son was gay. And now I'm thinking, 'Rocky Horror Picture Show'?" They cried. Jazzlyn's heart ached for her child. She knew this would be a difficult path in life. But she was worried that Luke might kill himself otherwise. So she did what moms do when they see that the child they love is h

Classic "Candy"

Could not resist passing along another  "Candy Darling" pix.  For those of you who remember " Kim Novak ", she was one of Candy Darling's idols and for good reason! She was another of the "blond bombshells"of the 50's.

"Normal" Ohio.

I'm sure you all have been to your "Normal". If you live there long enough, you begin to feel very comfortable.  The sun rises and sets exactly the same on your " Normal" as others. My "Normal" is gaining population. For whatever reason some people want in. I am very comfortable here and learning more about living here. Many are curious. Many just want to see what all the fuss is about. On occasion, I wonder if I am too comfortable. Will I be too complacent and open myself for some unexpected problem?  Outsiders passing through and looking into "normal" may not appreciate it's population. It takes us all a lifetime to build our "Normal". On occasion, the "Normal" you see is a mirage. The "All American" church going neighbors are really swingers? Really? Maybe that is part of the reason my "Normal" looks good to a few outsiders. It has become very ironic that a lifestyle that started as a gender

Candy Anyone?

"Candy Darling  and Jeremiah Newton" Photo by Francis Ng. A new documentary film on the life of the "Warhol" superstar " Candy Darling " is being released. Unfortunately in my conservative part of the world, I don't see any locations listed. Nearby Columbus was a little of a surprise. With a large gay community and the former host to a fabulous " Warhol " exhibit, I thought there might be a chance!

Famous or Infamous?

I have related the story in the past about the one bartender who said (as I tried to introduce myself) everyone knew me "I was famous:." It could be I'm "infamous?" I really hope not. The only reality is that my little "network" I have tried so hard to maintain over the years works well... thank goodness. I took advantage of the unseasonably cool weather recently and wore one of my long soft sweater coats.  It drops to mid thigh and ties off at the waist providing a distinct waistline. I love the outfit with jeans and flats and a tight "T" top which accentuates the chest. Can't remember having more confidence recently as a girl. All of that was very satisfying, but the fun part was when one of the women who was moved from server to the bar waited on me and said "Are you Cyrsti?" She was perfectly delightful and wonderfully friendly and beautiful.  She really made the evening fun! I always wonder what the guys at the bar thin

Happy "Cinco de Mayo"!

From the " Dallas Observer " Have a great " Cinco "! Stay out of that tequila girl! cyrsti

Give Me A Head With Hair!

Men want it when it goes. Men like the sensual look and feel of it on women.. Women spend excessive time and expense to coerce it. What is the name of this human obsession? Hair! In many cases we are stereotyped by it. The big bald man with tattoos  is perceived as vastly different than the black man with dreadlocks. Women are ruled by the age/length hair stereotype.  Maybe the biological clock in women dictates the shortening of the hair as the years progress. I'm tall so the rules dictate I'm "allowed" to go long with my hair. I'm "more mature" so I'm  not allowed too. The erotic feel of the hair is wonderful and the effect is good.  I have no visible "Adam's Apple" because my neck is short and thicker. The longer hair and a "v neckline" give me the effect of a longer look which I need. The problem is  the less than realistic "wiggy" look. We have all seen the woman whose long beautiful hair does not quite ma


What a great day Monday yesterday turned out of be! Amazingly, the summer dress in the size I was looking for was still on the rack and it fit! (Down a full size!) Just had to have a new spring bag I saw and a new bracelet of course. The dress is very light and flowy and will be a godsend on a hot summer day with bare legs and "peekaboo" heels. I went back to my straight hair style and had absolutely no problems with the public. A good thing in the short term but the people that read me in the curls will always remember me being trans. I always prefer an even shot when I enter a situation. I'm not naive enough to think everyone will think I'm female but I will take every break I can get! I even made it through a situation later in the evening I hate to be in. I was stuck near a couple people I have known for years. They never gave me a second look but it would be another complication in my life I don't need if they did! So all in all a fun Monday!

"Diva Dirt"! Transsexual World Champion!

I positively love this!!!! ‘The Bloodthirsty Vixen’ Amanda A foxy women's wrestler who just happens to be transsexual and a world champion just gives me the warm and fuzzies! Although I can't prove it, she looks like a trans wrestler named "Mariah" who I did a piece on here. Here's the link from a site called " Diva Dirt... The Women's Wrestling Bible " Now that's what I call classic women's literature!!!! Quoting the title from the old " Confederate Railroad " tune "I like my women a little on the trashy side". Even if she is me!!!!!

Transgendered and Homophobic?

Last December I wrote this for my blog on the "PINKessence" . The subject had pretty much passed on in my mind until a couple days ago.  A new "Pink" member zeroed in on the post and commented.  All of a sudden comments started to fly and it went to number 2 as the most popular post. Here it is again. So many of the transgendered girls I know are so anti male. It is very easy to compare the trans girls distrust and dislike of the male gender to other people's dislike of the trans and or gay culture. Time and time again "No Men" pops up in profile after profile. Explanations are as shallow on one side of the fence as the other. From religion to sexual distrust, we hear it all as a transgendered person. Personally, I believe I've been sent to hell more than once for just wanting to live as a female. But you know, the mistrust and bigotry just doesn't come from males. So why should I or others be homophobic if a guy shows interest in us