We Are Not Ready!

Take a second and try to think of the number one transgendered entertainer in the USA.
Times up..you can't think of one can you? Good Ole macho Uncle Sam hasn't produced any "Harisu's" from Korea or "Dana Internationals" from Israel. I won't even go into transgender stars from Japan and India.
It seems we can't even produce a sitcom (or reproduce) with  good convincing cross dressing actors. A new show called "Work It" is being put together with the good old tried and true idea of men not being able to find jobs as guys and go after employment as women. What a wild and crazy idea!
Sure, the USA has produced notable big screen parts for Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis and Dustin Hoffman to show off as women. The television has basically  given us guys playing women for laughs. "Milton Berle" and "Flip Wilson" are two that come to mind. We always knew they were taking the dress off when they got off the stage.
If "Work It" casted "Jai Rodriquez" for the starring role instead of an actor who brought back memories of "Tom Hanks" in "Bosom Buddies" there would be no way the show would ever make it. "Hanks" interaction with the public as a girl was humorous. He didn't make a convincing woman.  "Rodriquez" on the other hand does  look convincing as a girl No humor there when a guy hits on him. I suppose the question would be could he "butch" it up enough to handle the male scenes? Would America buy the fact an "out" gay man was playing a married guy who had to go out a get a job as a woman? NOT!
The sad fact is the entertainment industry just reflects "life as it is" for transgendered people.Stay hidden go stealth and you will not see one of us on a weekly television show.
Maybe in the future we will make the huge leap from murderers and thieves to the trans girl or guy next door.
Until that time watch all three episodes of "Work It" before it goes stealth and disappears!