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Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"

"Ker Plunk"!!!! Another Sunday is here in the Condo and time for yet another weekly recap!  The "Joe" is brewing so enjoy the aroma of your first cup of coffee and lets get started. Page 1.- "Missy I'm Home!   I wrote all week long about the coming out process with my deceased wife's sister Missy.  I have always felt if you have the option to control how you are able to come out to someone, two stages are best.  Stage one, you tell someone and stage two you show someone.  Stage two was yesterday.  Even though my partner Liz was with me, I still felt a high level of trepidation going into the meeting.  Like everything else in life, the fear of the unknown is most of the time worse than the actual experience. Liz and I stayed and visited for a couple hours and the whole experience was pleasurable.  Missy is one of three or four people I have come out to that I have known forever (daughter, son-in-law, etc) and the only one I have felt totally at ease