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Cross Dressing in Japan

It's been awhile, ad-mist all the introspection we have gone through here in Cyrsti's Condo.  We haven't had time to rummage through the closet and find a pair of comfortable traveling shoes and head to Japan. This post comes from Rocket News 24  : " Crossdressing and genderbending  are not only long-time staples of Japanese anime and manga, but also of TV and celebrity culture. From this, anyone would think that Japan was one of the most open and accepting countries when it comes to people who don’t fit into traditional gender roles or relationships.  However, the reality outside of media and entertainment is often quite different.  Family and work life are both still clearly divided down gender lines, and men who engage in anything that blurs or crosses these lines are generally shunned.  But could the girl who dumps a guy just because he turns up to a date in a dress be the one who’s really missing out? Terms such as transgendered and transvestite have loade