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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Coming Out on Tic Toc?

 One of the programs on television I can't say I have ever watched is "Dance Mom's". 

However, one of the program's performers shed her non authentic male persona and came out as transgender. 

"Zachery Torres"  recently shared on Tic Toc that her pronouns are "she/hers and they/them".

During an interview for Pink News she said she didn't feel a pressure to dance a certain way until she landed a spot on "Dance Mom's". Now she wants to use her platform so young transgender and queer kids don't have to face a line of fire. 

For more, go here

Friday, January 31, 2020


From the "Times of India.":

"Ganga has become a household name now; thanks to her popular reality show ‘Yuva Dancing Queen’. She is co-hosting the show with Adwait Dadarkar. The transgender host commands respect with her sheer talent and hard work. In her recent interaction with media, Ganga shared how special dance and the dance show is for her.

Talking about her passion for dance, Ganga said, “Dance is important for me. I have got an identity because of dance. No one knew anything about Pranit (as she was earlier known as) except for the dancing talent. I got the opportunity to introduce myself as a dancer.”