Veteran's Day 2013

Justin Vivian Bond
I'm fairly sure I post nearly the same Veterans Day piece every year here in Cyrsti's Condo and it's very bittersweet.  Most of you are aware I am a transgender veteran and do share a certain amount of entitlement to talk about trans vets.

The sweet portion of what I want to say, is a big thank you to all you vets who served or who are still are serving.

The sad portion is too many think just coming home is enough to heal the vet from a lifetime of ills. In my day, the government turned it's back (and still does) on the Agent Orange Vietnam Vets and now they are doing it again with current vets. Many are waiting for a year for the VA just to determine benefits.

The bitter portion is the most tragic of all.   Transgender service members, a significant number when compared to society's averages are fighting for the exact liberties they are denied. As we all know, the basic rights extended to the gay and lesbian troops officially weren't for transgender military members.

So it seems every year I write the same Veterans Day piece.  Hopefully next year I can change it!


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