Thursday, October 3, 2013

UK Mail

Almost on cue, a day or after so we got mail here in Cyrsti's Condo from our friend Paula across the pond in the UK about a recent story we ran from the UK's Daily Mail:  "Most stories in the Daily Mail are a little odd, it is a paper renowned for it's lack of balance and conservative attitudes (that's me being polite) rather than it's journalistic integrity."

And now there is even more from the Daily Mail:

"A macho father-of-three construction worker who used to secretly wear women's underwear to work has now become a woman. After struggling with his gender his entire life, Sam Bowler finally decided to make the change. Much to the surprise of fellow builders, the lipstick-wearing digger-operator said: 'Call me Samantha.' Thankfully, within a couple of days the construction crew fully accepted their new brunette, bejewelled member of the team."

Truthfully stories such as this give me pause because for all I know, they just may be that-stories. Then again presenting this doesn't make me much different than most of the major news outlets today. On the other hand, this story goes past the sensationalism and into the torment and trouble we all face transitioning as transgender women and men.

Also as ironic. if you follow Paula's link above to her blog, she has reference to her being on a construction job.  For those of you who have or are going through a transition on a job know unless your co-workers are totally clueless, they know something is up.  Hrt is changing your skin, hair and subtle body changes before their eyes.

The Daily Mail just cut to the chase and said Sam walked out one day and Samatha came back.  Probably much of the acceptance happened because the ground work she laid out and many probably weren't surprised.

So if this story is true, way to "Play it Again Sam!"

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