Top Womanless Beauty Pageant Scheduled in Thailand

Once again, Pattaya in Thailand will be getting its third transvestite beauty pageant. It's called the "Mimosa" and is scheduled for  Nov. 14-17.

This pageant is certainly no secret to most of us and features a wide range of cross dressing to transsexual women competing for the title. Often the beauty is breathtaking.

I'm partial to the event because of it's location too. I like to joke I'm one of the few transgender people I know who spent a year in Thailand and didn't go through SRS.  Then as in now, the Army sort of frowned on the activity. Plus, Pattaya was very close to a small Army base in Thailand which processed me in and out of the country in 1973 ish.  The word was then, as soon as the Vietnam War that never happened was over, the whole area would boom into an international resort. How right they were!


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