Cyrsti's Condo "Beauty Nook"

Gasp! What will they think of next? Here's an idea from Yahoo Shine:

"Nude heels are great, right? They lengthen the legs, match all kinds of colors and patterns, and can be daytime casual or black-tie jazzy. The only problem is making sure that you yourself are the “correct” shade of nude. For years, a debate has raged between design houses and their consumers: What is a “nude” shoe? In a move that’s both socially conscious — directly addressing the elephant in the room that others are ignoring — and business savvy, Christian Louboutin recently launched a first-of-its-kind capsule collection of five classic

 Louboutin styles in five brand-new shades, specifically meant to complement skin tones of all ethnicities. They range from pale pink-ivory to deep chestnut, with the goal that one of them will “closely match the color of a customer's skin tone.” Louboutin's red-soled, perfectly curved creations are designed to “disappear like magic and become a fluid extension of her legs, as in a sketch, elongating the silhouette,” according to the designer's press release."


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