Thursday, May 2, 2013

Nights in Columbus

Getting back to last weekend at the Trans Ohio Symposium, following the mental stress of my workshop my girlfriend and I thought maybe naps would be in order before we hit the streets of Columbus.  As I wrote in a previous post, the mental stress came from both of us listening to me! I also considered I was suffering from the symptoms of "low testosterone" Oh wait-I am according to my endocrinologist.

Saturday evening a show was planned at a venue called Wall Street Nightclub in downtown C-bus.  I have always been fond of Wall Street as it was one of my first places I went coming out of the closet before the days of electric light. Once again, the venue and the show did not disappoint. The acts were creative and crossed all ends of the gender spectrum. In fact sometimes it was difficult to figure out who was who doing what. A real pleasant change from the usual drag show!

Another difference was the timing of the show. It actually started on time at nine and was over by 11 and the club was being transformed into a huge dance floor.

Truthfully, girlfriend and I are not going to be seen on Dancing with the Stars anytime soon, so I suggested we go back to Club Diversity where we went the night before. My idea turned out to be one of the true bright ones I have happened upon in a while.

As in the night before, we found seats towards the end of the bar where the entertainer was just going nuts singing an Elton John medley on a piano. We didn't hesitate and dropped a few sheckles into his tip jar immediately!  Even more impressive was his obvious joy in performing. Then unbelievably,  the music only got better when a guy with a saxophone showed up. He joined in for a few more tunes to delight of all. We were certainly at the right place at the right time!

I figure it's always good to log in a positive score or two in the idea department to go with all those pesky negative's I seem to accumulate at a record pace!

As good times always do though, the two hours of music and fun went by in seemingly two minutes and it was time to go back to the hotel and look forward to the final phase of the weekend!

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