Monday, May 27, 2013

Hello? Is Anyone in Here?

Over the years of my life various individuals have asked me "are you in there?"
Good question!

I'm sure others have thought there could be more than one of me once they knew about my transgender status.  Truthfully, I have thought long and hard about that very possibility and thought one of me was plenty to deal with.

Of course I also have the well worked "woman trapped in a man's body" deal. Nope, not so true either. I'm still just me. Which brings me to make up day recently.

Alisha, the makeup guru, was good with more than just her art. She already knew how I recoiled at being compared with a drag queen and said I didn't identify with being a cross dresser either. (Nothing wrong with one or the other.) So basically she said "I don't understand, tell me who you are."

Good question!  Without going into a ton of boring detail I just said my inner person identifies female and I am working to present her as effectively I can to the rest of the world. None of the usual jabbering I'm good at.

Then again, maybe I'm just dealing in semantics? Maybe just saying "I'm a man trapped in a woman's body" would have played just as well.

It wouldn't have mattered-I was still facing the dreaded eyebrow tweezers anyhow!

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