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Sunday, August 11, 2019


Thanks to those of you who commented on my health issues.  The Doc's are checking my breathing this coming Thursday and I am still awaiting an appointment for extensive heart tests. It's a good thing I don't feel any worse than I do...I guess!

Actually, I am being a whiner. Outside of an occasional pain from my ankle, I don't feel bad at all. However I do know the risk HRT brings to a person in my age range and am ready to go through more tests.

On top of all of that, I still have had a busy week. Yesterday was a combined party for my grand kids at my daughter's mother in law's.  It went well and the Mother in Law managed not to mis-gender me through the whole party. Perhaps it was because I had my transgender feminine batteries recharged Friday when I went to my hair stylist. Quite frankly, I was feeling quite ragged before she worked her wonders on my hair. After she was done, I felt refreshed and ready to face the world again.

Monday night, I have another transgender-cross dresser support group meeting. Tuesday I have two appointments at the Dayton, Ohio Veterans Administration. The first, a visit with my hematology Doc and the second, my monthly therapist appointment.

Wednesday I have a tag a long appointment with Liz to one of her Doc's. Which brings me back to Thursday and the breathing appointment.

It's a good thing I have a walking boot to protect my ankle!  I am supposed to get it  X-rayed again in two weeks.

One more I have mentioned before HRT and blood clots are nothing to play with. As Connie commented:

"I'm glad that you didn't have a blood clot. Those things can be very dangerous and life-threatening. I know; I've had two of them. The doctors take no chances, and so off to the emergency center you go. My doctor must have decided that I was lying about not taking hormones, and so he ordered blood tests specifically for my hormone levels. That's how I discovered that my testosterone/estrogen balance was very close to the average post-menopausal woman (whoopie!). Still, though, there was never any determined cause for the clots. Their only answer was to put me on blood thinners for the rest of my life, and HRT would, forevermore, be out of the question for me. When I got the first clot in my calf, my ankle and foot became so swollen that I thought my skin was going to burst open. 

Do you know how you broke your ankle? I don't want to alarm you, but HRT can also cause one to lose bone density. You should have a test for that, as well. Osteoporosis may not kill you like a blood clot can, but it can sure affect your lifestyle."

Ironically, the ankle problem could be a result of an old football injury. Plus, I was tested for Osteoporosis in the past. I'm sure they can do it again! Thanks!

Sunday, August 4, 2019

While My Blog Gently Weeps...Again

It's bad enough when yet another mass shooting in El Paso, Texas rocks our country again. But, the second shooting in Dayton, Ohio hit really close to home.

The tragic shooting took place in a trendy restoration district in Dayton, full of bars and restaurants. I know it well. It was one of the first places I went to explore my transgender feminine world. I have many fond memories and can't imagine why a shooter would chose it to forever mark it in this violent way.

I haven't been there for a few years since I moved to Cincinnati, Ohio.

Cases such as yesterday have a tendency to bring fear to my heart when Liz and I are out and about. An example was yesterday when Liz and I finished our witches ball meeting. We were walking hand in hand to the car when I noticed a forty something couple glaring at us. Of course, the younger people had no reaction at all. I did wonder what problem they had with us. Was it because I was transgender or the fact we were holding hands. Guess, I will never know. Maybe they were just anti LGBTQ rednecks. After all, Resident Rump and his best closeted boy Pence were just in town.

Back to the point at hand. I am far from smart enough to suggest anything far reaching enough to stem this epidemic of gun violence in this country.

I do know though, something different needs to be done. Sending thoughts and prayers has just become too hollow.

Perhaps we should take a lesson or two from the fiftieth anniversary of Woodstock...try preaching Peace and Love to get guns out of the hands of those who shouldn't have them to start with. And maybe start with getting Russian NRA blood money out of congress.

I know I am a dreamer but I shouldn't be the only one.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

In Between Post

As I wrote about previously here in Cyrsti's Condo, I am right in the middle of a very busy week. Yesterday, I had a therapist appointment, one Doctor's appointment and a support group meeting.

All went well and I even was able to negotiate the eighty mile return rush hour trip through two cities which included being stopped for at least ten miles in more stop than go traffic.

Other than that, the only perceived problem I had was my hair. I washed it the day before and didn't bother to brush it out enough before I left. Then, I forgot my brush and had no way to get my waves back under control. Needless to say, I survived.

My therapist appointment went as predicted. We always end up talking more about other things than about me. Which, I guess is a good thing. Fortunately, right now, my demons aren't chasing me as much as they did in the past. The Doctor's appointment had as much to do with it as anything. She prescribes the meds I take to control my bi-polar disorder.

The LGBT support group meeting was interesting as always. A very unique small group of people attended. Including a transgender woman formerly from Alabama who served on a submarine. One trans person of color, a retired ally cis man and a couple gender fluid folks. Really different than the cross dresser - transgender support group meetings I attend here in Cincinnati.

The in between part of this post comes with the fact I am attending my Grand-daughters graduation tonight again up in the Dayton, Ohio area. In order to pull this off with only one car, we had to rent one (car) for the trip.

I think I have a pretty nice outfit picked out with my long black embroidered skirt paired with an embroidered boho style sleeveless top and my fancy black flats. Due to a total lack of decision making with the family groups involved, we are all supposed to meet a couple hours early for tailgate eats before the actual graduation.

Due to my excessive HRT hormones, I probably will do my share of crying :).

Friday, May 17, 2019


I guess I didn't go into the specifics enough when I wrote a couple days ago here in Cyrsti's Condo about my latest trip to the Dayton, Ohio Veteran's Administration Medical Center. Callie wrote in and commented:

"I'm glad all is well Cyrsti. I'm in Dayton as I write this and it appears to be a pretty conservative community. It sounds like you were treated well however. Sorry you had to go for a second pint. I suppose you just can't go to the local pub to get it replaced :)"

I was lucky Callie and only had three vials of blood drawn for my laboratory  tests.  Had I had two pints taken, I may have had to find the nearest pub! :)

As far as Dayton being conservative, the town has come a long way in it's acceptance of the LGBTQ community.  In fact, both Dayton and Toledo, Ohio were recently named as LGBTQ friendly medium sized citiies in the country. 

I hope you were treated well too in Dayton!

Saturday, May 11, 2019


Today (Saturday) was typically martial arts day for Liz and an afternoon of running errands for both of us.

Something must have gone right for me today since the closeted cross dresser was even semi civil to me. The hour class went by in a hurry and I caught up on my busy work on my phone. I am trying to connect a guy working on LGBT history in Dayton, Ohio with Columbus, Ohio trans historian J.M. Ellison to see if they have anything in common. In addition the guy in Dayton was asking if I have anything to add. I really don't think I do because I didn't actually live in Dayton (just close to it) and so really didn't know much about the LGBT scene there.

The grocery store was predictably bland except for one possible other transgender woman I see there often. I was waiting at the bank for Liz to open a savings account and only was able to see her (the trans woman) at a distance.

Seemingly, it took forever for the banking transaction to be completed, so I spent my time reading a Cincinnati Magazine detailing the booming local/world food scene. About the time I was getting very restless, Liz and the bank manager emerged and the manager (also a woman) said "You ladies have a good afternoon."

Her statement was enough to erase any restlessness and propelled me on to the rest of my afternoon.

The day will continue on until tonight when we are invited again to dinner with a couple of our cross dresser acquaintances.It should be interesting, as always!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Therapy Now!

Yesterday was my monthly trip north to Dayton, Ohio to visit my therapist at the Veteran's Administration Medical Center.

Like so many of my visits recently, the conversation revolved around small chat. In other words, how have my moods been and what have I been up to. Since my bi-polar moods have been stable recently, we moved on to the feelings I had following the cross dresser-transgender support group meeting and what was coming up on Liz and I's social agenda.

As I wrote about yesterday, sexuality was my topic at the meeting. I have not heard back on my Trans Ohio Symposium workshop symposium and weather permitting, we are planning to go to the Transgender Day of Visibility in downtown Cincinnati on March 31 st. Interesting enough, the Cincinnati Reds major league baseball team has a home game that day nearby. It will be fun to see how many potential "visible" trans people will be scared off by a baseball crowd. I know at one point in my Mtf gender transition, it would have scared me. The weather on March 31st around here could be anything from a Spring rain to snow, so we will just have to wait on that.

Yesterday I was able to end my appointment ten minutes early so I could go over to the endocrinologist office and check and see if I needed blood work taken before I went. My endo appointment is on April 1st, so I hope it is not an April fools joke! I know it won't be, as they don't have much of a sense of humor around there.

One thing is for sure, time moves too fast. 

Monday, July 9, 2018

Travel Days?

Well, today really isn't. Tonight is another support group meeting and.if I happen to get there in one piece without hitting a curb or worse, I won't be traveling far today. Before the last transgender - cross dresser meeting I went to. I was so busy trying to navigate a turn off a very busy street, I hit a curb so hard, I blew a tire. Which meant yet another get together with a tow truck driver. As it turned out again, my fears were unfounded, because he treated me with respect and got me on my way, without incident. Plus, there is some sort of poetic justice in just standing there and having a guy take care of things.

Tonight I plan on not hitting the curb and making my way into my fave coffee shop for some sort of cooling coffee blend. Not in my diet but tasty none the less!

Tomorrow is the real travel day. It's time again to make the three hour round trip to see my long time therapist up north at the Dayton, Ohio Veterans Administration campus. Hopefully, she will be glad to hear my referral for voice therapy has gone through for July 18th. Since she was instrumental in setting it up.

Plus I have sold an item in one of my Etsy shoppes, so it will take me an hour or two or so, to find a box and get the proper documentation together to get it shipped.

Should be a busy couple of days!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

That Pesky Sunday

Before I know it, it's Sunday and another week has come...and gone.

It was very much an active week, as you may recall. It started Monday with a visit to one of my cross dresser - transgender support group's "beauty" meeting. It included visits from a skin, hair and make-up experts.  I especially liked the hair and make-up ladies. In fact. I have found the salon where the hair person works, so I can schedule and appointment. Plus, I am working to to get an individual appointment with the make-up person. I especially like her because she does not try to sell you anything, only recommends.

Monday was also travel day, when I went to my two therapists at the VA in Dayton. Ohio...a total mileage trip of approximately 250 miles. It turned out, all I really did with both appointments was answer a ton of questions about myself for a new VA computer program.  It will be interesting to see if I ever get any feedback in the future.

One day on the blog, we found ourselves in a mini alphabet quandary over the LGBTQ mythical umbrella and it's relation to cross dressers.  You can find it here.

The rest of the week was quiet in part because of not having a car to drive. Until Saturday, which was a whole other case.

Which I will discuss in a future post.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Giving Transgender a Voice

Well, another Transgender Day of Visibility as come and gone. As I have written about here in Cyrsti's Condo, my partner Liz and I helped "person" a table at our local event.

The whole day went well (except for an exceedingly long walk to get to the venue) and one person who commandeered the stage to tell us all, the transgender movement was a four letter word which rhymes with "duck".

Other than the sour bitch, the rest of the speakers were basically centered around the younger transgender and/or questioning  crowd. Of which, there were plenty, which numbered around two hundred and of course was very enthusiastic.

There were also eight to ten other tables (besides ours) who were giving out information. Almost immediately, one in particular caught my attention. It was a table full of information concerning voice therapy from the University of Cincinnati Health Center. I stopped and asked tentatively for some of the information. The person at the table asked what I was interested in and I said, anything I could find on voice therapy through the Veterans Administration.

I was fully expecting a blank look, instead she lit up like a light bulb and asked which VA I went to. Even more important, when I said Dayton, Ohio (not Cincinnati), she said they were starting a pilot program very soon in Dayton. Plus, they were very interested in working with transgender patients. I couldn't believe my good fortune as I have all the contact information.

Very quickly I knew the day couldn't get much better! As soon as I can press Liz into posting it, there may be a picture for the blog.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Monday Blues?

This is another one of those days when my Cyrsti's Condo's blog ideas are difficult to come by. After all, you have probably noticed, I have relied heavily on the creativity of regular readers'comments to provide quality content.

I have even written about going stealth as a transgender woman.

It's also difficult to write about every time I go out as a trans woman, because I am living 24/7. Our weekly shopping trip to the grocery store yesterday was predictably boring. Except the cash out girl who gave me the "princess" look when I balked at helping to bag the groceries. Liz would have killed me! I suppose I should be happy she thought enough of me to fire off the powerful woman to woman non verbal communication.

So, let's jump ahead. Tomorrow, I am going to another transgender or even LGBT support group meeting in Dayton, Ohio. Normally, I have a person or so I need to write about, but lately I haven't even seen the "on again" - "off again" SRS "transendered" (her words) woman from Indiana.

I have even figured out which outfit I will be wearing on our annual New Years Eve "date" and where we are going.

Oh yeah, while I am on my whining binge, my estrodial patches are bothering me this morning. Every once in awhile, they itch a day after I change them out. On the other hand, I feel they are doing me some good if I can feel some sort of reaction in my breasts...or "breast-ed's" as our Indiana friend says. :)

Even though it wasn't much of a post, maybe later on today, I will be inspired!

Sunday, June 19, 2016


In a previous life I was drafted into the military and fought in the Vietnam Era's debacle war. Seems like each generation has one.

I have always carried some guilt over my lack of protest when push came to shove. 

Very few of us though are fortunate enough to live second lives as transgender women or trans men and to make some sort of difference.

This time, I am finally working my way onto a couple committees to give of myself to help others in the Cincinnati Metro transgender community. 

I have spoken about both, but not together. 

The first is I'm working towards helping to put together this years "Transgender Day of Remembrance" in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky which is turning out to be an exceeding intricate large process. Not to mention difficult, when all you are working with is volunteers from essentially two close but geographically diverse places.

The second will begin Tuesday for me at the Dayton VA. Some time ago, my therapist asked me if I would be interested in an "outreach" program of sorts for transgender veterans which would originate with her. At the time I said sure! Then out of the clear blue sky, she called Thursday and said she was trying to put the first meeting together for next week, and could I make it?

Again, I said sure. Anything I could do to help a fellow trans veteran along and sometimes even survive.

She said she is expecting a small group of four for the first group to organize for the future.

Making the most of what I have done, will prepare me for the future! "Momma Karma" has had to given me a second chance for a reason.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Reach Out

Yesterday my psychologist called and asked if I would be interested in helping to set up a sort of out reach program she is putting together for transgender veterans at the Dayton VA hospital.

Of course I said I would be flattered to help and indeed I am.

I consider it the greatest form of good karma to pay ahead and help anyone else with my experiences like changing gender markers etc.

It's going to be a busy day on Tuesday with the VA trans vets meeting, then that evening I have a meeting with the Transgender Day of Remembrance Planning Commission I'm on for Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky. 

Then of course Sunday I will be really going in prep for my colonoscopy early Monday morning.


Thursday, April 7, 2016

Go Cincinnati!!!

I know many of you must think I get some sort of a stipend from Cincinnati when I write something good about them, wish I did.

Embattled Governor McCrory,  North Carolina
The fact remains though, Cincinnati was considered the poor step child when it came to LGBTQ rights, behind state capital Columbus and even nearby Dayton, Ohio.

All of the sudden a year or so ago that began to change and continues to.

It was announced today the city was going to try to pass an ordinance to ban un- necessary travel to North Carolina, until the state repeals it's swift and shady anti LGBT rights bill.

"Go Natti!!!"

Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Perhaps you have heard of the latest so called "religious freedom bills" which are sweeping America. The same one that was shot down in South Dakota and Indiana but was rushed through a legislature in North Carolina. The latest bill is in Georgia and is due to be signed (or not) by it's governor this week.

Essentially, these bills discriminate the LGBTQ community by claiming our rights infringe upon a person's religious freedom. At this point, don't we have to pause and ask whatever happened to the separation between church and state? But that is another story. I know one thing, I am not infringing on anyone's right to worship. 

What is really happening is, the big companies in Georgia, Coca Cola the NFL etc, are saying whoa rednecks, let's rethink this. Especially the NFL. Atlanta is building a new stadium to get ready for a future Super Bowl, and the NFL is saying No boys, we may pick up our marbles and play elsewhere unless you pick yours up and put them back into your noggin (much like Indianapolis)

It also just happens quite a few television shows and movies are being filmed in Georgia and those companies (of course) are coming out against this bill.

It will be interesting to see who will be around to pick up the extra business if the Georgia Governor signs this highly discriminatory bill. Here in Ohio, both Dayton and Cincinnati gladly offered to open their doors to Indiana businesses who wanted to relocate.

Some day (maybe) religion will stay in the church and commerce will stay out of it!  

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Spring Into Spring?

Couleur Experte<sup>®</sup> 5.3 Chocolate Macaroon - Hair Highlights

Looking head on (no pun intended) on my newest hair color adventure. For once, my timing is fairly decent as the never ending gray color is beginning to slip through.

Trans Vet Pride
I'm considering going with a lighter red color this time around which will give me more options to stay ligher, go dark again or back to the vibrant "violet" which was such a hit last fall. Decisions, decisions,decisions. One thing for sure is I will have to color it again sometime around Memorial Day for my invite to the Veterans Picnic at the VA in Dayton and Trans Ohio Symposium. 

As I look back on it, maybe my violet hair was a bit of a clue that I may be wild enough to take on the "Frank N Furter character from Rocky Horror Show. (How about 'selfies' with Frankie') to make some money for charity?
TransOhio 2015

Also, before I forget again, thanks to all of you who bought my book. All of the sudden I began to get bi-weekly reports from the publishing platform I am on and at one point Stilettos on Thin Ice was in the top 35% of all Kindle/Amazon non fiction books. (Can't make any of that up.) Now I have to get up off my arse and get #2 done!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Are Women Better Actors?

Yesterday at my therapist appointment (which has gone completely past the core reasons I originally went) we wondered into the world of women at large and my perceptions as a transgender woman.

I told her, and you Cyrsti's Condo readers will remember, I was fortunate to have worked for 30 plus years in restaurant business as a manager. During that time, it wasn't uncommon for me to try to manage approx fifty female servers. Also (of course) I worked with other women managers too. 

I learned up close and personal that women form cliques and men form teams and you always had to be on the outlook for the knife to the back from a woman. Women are vicious, men are brutal.

Knowledge that has served me well all the way through my transition. Let's take the Dayton, Ohio VA Medical Center for example. Yes, the same Dayton, Ohio Stana from Femulate who comes West to our 'neck of the woods' once a year on business comes to. In fact the hospital/complex isn't that far from the airport.

Stana has never flown there before as a woman and I hope her experiences are as good as mine at the VA.

"Kudos" to them yesterday! I think at least 90% of the women I came across in the hallways or was treated by in the clinics were sooooooo nice. Especially the one who tap danced her way around the wrong pronouns with me by even using "this veteran" at one point.

Even though as you all know, I have been doing this public trans woman thing for quite awhile, sometimes it is still very difficult for me to make eye contact with another woman every time I should - I nearly never do it with a man.

So yes, we women are better actresses and we transgender women have to be even better. After all, the world is a stage and we need to be comfortable in it to survive.

Plus I almost think we trans girls are getting to the place cross dressers have been for years. We are OK-if we aren't someone's brother or husband.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Rent a Gender?

One of the "fluff" stories on the evening news tonight was the new "trend" among millennial fashionistas was renting high end fashion accessories like glasses to complete outfits. I thought what if you could rent your gender?

sybil robotsIf you could take the "magic" pill and transform yourself to the person you always perceived yourself to be-would you?  The base for many great stories, I am sure. The problem would be of course would be how the insiders (transgender individuals in particular) would perceive the option versus the civilians of the world. An idea for another post. A pill for the ultimate cross dresser perhaps? Or an idea for a "Twilight Zone" episode?

Also an idea would be to write a short speculative transgender piece for the "Topside Press":

"Topside Press is now accepting submissions for an anthology of short speculative fiction by self-identified transgender writers. Speculative fiction can include science fiction, horror, fantasy, alternate history or any fiction which envisions a world that is fundamentally different from our own.
Our goal for this anthology is to showcase the talent of a diverse range of authors and catalyze the next wave of meaningful, moving, and politically engaged speculative fiction."

If you are interested, you must hurry because the deadline for submission is December 1st. (Follow the links above.)
I received the info from my Veterans Administration psychologist! Via the Dayton, Ohio PFLAG newsletter.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"

Ker Plunk! Listen up! Another Sunday Edition is hitting your virtual front porch. Here in Southwestern Ohio it's still a blustery chilly Sunday morning - but by Wednesday it is supposed to be near 74 around here. Let's grab a "cup o joe" and get started.

Page One: The Week That Was-or Wasn't: I hope your week was topped off (literally) by a fun,safe and festive Halloween. If you used the occasion as a safe night to sneak out of your closet-good for you!!! If you were fairly good at it (and thorough) you will find the evening will have a lasting effect. I used a Halloween Party weeks later as my first successful attempt to come out as a "transvestite" to three close friends. I found the sky didn't fall, but what the hell was I supposed to do until the next Halloween.

Page Two: The Fight Goes On: Perhaps you live near an area where the LGBTQ community is still fighting for basic protections afforded to other American's. Even to the point of the continuing paranoia of transgender restroom freedoms. Of course with elections coming up in a year, we know change is coming? (Not) Change only comes where it is being fought-on the local levels (where we see it.) Take Ohio for example, of course same sex marriage is legal, the issue to legalize marijuana is on the ballot and yet another push to place LGBT protections in place here by the minority Democrats only to be rejected by Republican majorities.

Page Three: Bring on the Doc's! November is a big month for my medical future. As I have written, my Iron levels in my liver, which once were high enough to sell to AK Steel in Middletown, have come down dramatically. So, I have appointments coming up with gastroenterolgists, hematologists, a psychiatrist - and even another mammogram tossed in for kicks and giggles. By the time I get to the Thanksgiving Turkey, I am sure I will feel as if I was the one who was carved first!

Page Four: The Back Page: Before we go, my quest to compile all the gender marker paper work I need actually is proceeding nicely. A major hold up right now is for a person called the "privacy officer" at the Dayton, Ohio VA to get back.  The  quote was: "to go through the huge amount of mail on his desk." Other than that, I need to wait until I get my check in a week or so before I can file for my legal name change. All I can say is, the process should be more intricate than I can imagine. But then again, I am rather persistent-or a "Pita" (Pain in the Ass) according to Liz.

Time to go kids! Lotz of undefeated teams around here such as The Ohio State Buckeyes (idle this weekend) and the Bengals who travel to Pittsburgh today to play the Squeelers. Both are 6-0 - an embarrassment of sports riches gifted by a very fickle sports Goddess. In the meantime, I love you all and thanks for stopping by Cyrsti's Condo. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Working the Room?

Saturday night as I mentioned in the Cyrsti's Condo "Sunday Edition"- a bunch of us went to an amateur boxing event in downtown Dayton, Ohio. 

First of all, let me try to explain the physical set up. The ring itself for lack of a better term sat against the back wall in a space under a parking garage over hang. Chairs surrounded the ring in a semi circle with a beer truck on the left, and food concessions on the right (including the rest rooms.) Of course we ended up sitting on the left side. 

As it turned out, just before the boxing matches began, Liz and I thought a trip to the restrooms would be a good idea - so we did.  We headed along the semi circle aisle to the other side. I am sure the trip wasn't the mile and a half it felt like and I wasn't the visual cannon fodder to every woman in the seats behind me. On the other hand, I kept telling myself "shoulders back and chest out."

I found two things out for certain-the trip was not a mile and I survived.    

As far as being "cannon fodder?" I'm used to that!!!! I was busy looking for any other transgender women watching the event. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

You Can Call me Ray or You Can Call me Jay-DON'T Call me KRIS!

If I took the time to list the ever growing list of things which aggravate me ( which I call my bucket list of sorts.)  Actually-the new one is becoming  the bigger list these days.

One thing which has a tendency to really get me going is when people I know slightly start calling me "Cyrs." First of all, my name is not a feminized version of my male name. My name actually comes from "crystal" - from how light passes through it.  Calling me "Kris" in my pea brain is similar to calling me "he, dude or sir."

I have already written here in Cyrsti's Condo about Liz and I going Saturday to the Celtic Festival in Dayton, Ohio. In the middle of walking down the middle of the vendor tents, I heard someone scream "Kris!" I normally ignore a situation like that the same way I do when and if someone tries to call me "sir." And, I did. Liz didn't hear it and we kept on walking until I heard it again "Kris!!!"

Finally I turned around to look and see what the commotion was all about and saw two people Liz and I were acquainted with from one of our "Meetup" groups. In all fairness to them, they are acquaintances-not bad people and obviously in need of some "TLTE" (Tender Loving Transgender Education.) - Which has started already 

It's rumored I am known to have a bit of a temper, so it's fortunate we didn't meet up with those two in person later on Saturday. Already I am working out a better explanation of my profile name in this group 

 In the meantime, there will be more to this story which happened the next day!