Thursday, March 3, 2016

Spring Into Spring?

Couleur Experte<sup>®</sup> 5.3 Chocolate Macaroon - Hair Highlights

Looking head on (no pun intended) on my newest hair color adventure. For once, my timing is fairly decent as the never ending gray color is beginning to slip through.

Trans Vet Pride
I'm considering going with a lighter red color this time around which will give me more options to stay ligher, go dark again or back to the vibrant "violet" which was such a hit last fall. Decisions, decisions,decisions. One thing for sure is I will have to color it again sometime around Memorial Day for my invite to the Veterans Picnic at the VA in Dayton and Trans Ohio Symposium. 

As I look back on it, maybe my violet hair was a bit of a clue that I may be wild enough to take on the "Frank N Furter character from Rocky Horror Show. (How about 'selfies' with Frankie') to make some money for charity?
TransOhio 2015

Also, before I forget again, thanks to all of you who bought my book. All of the sudden I began to get bi-weekly reports from the publishing platform I am on and at one point Stilettos on Thin Ice was in the top 35% of all Kindle/Amazon non fiction books. (Can't make any of that up.) Now I have to get up off my arse and get #2 done!

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