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Saturday, October 8, 2011

When Will We Be Able To Call Her Transgendered?

"Male" model Andrej Pejic with her latest fashion coup!
Here's the story:
"The new issue of German magazine Schon! features a gorgeous, blonde
femme fatale, with smoky kohl-lined eyes, long fair hair and ruby red
nails... she’s gorgeous... except she is actually a he!"

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Living In A Cave?

Are you just tuning in? Those would be the only reasons you probably haven't heard of "Andrej Pejic"...the very beautiful male model.
Andrej tuned up the heat a little hotter this week when he said he would have a sex change for a "Victoria's Secret" contract. (Follow the story here: )
Can you imagine the PR people at "Victoria's Secret"? What could they gain? Massive publicity. All good? Probably not, even in our own community.
Would you go for it? I would in a second if I was that drop dead gorgeous. I have no idea what a "Victoria's Secret" contract is worth but I'm sure it would easily cover the cost of the surgery. Obviously he doesn't need much of facial feminizing work or even electrolysis.
The only concern is he would look too much like a woman with the curves, he wouldn't be in demand anymore!

Monday, February 14, 2011

What's It Really Mean?

All the current fashion runway publicity revolving around "Lea T" and "Andrej Pejic" means exactly what to the transgendered community?
Did the "glam rockers' or the "club kids" do any thing for us? No not really. No mainstream change. When movies such as "Tootsie" came out, did that help? Maybe a little.
"Alex Fury's" article in the UK's "Independent" gives us some possible insight from the runway.
Here's is a portion of his story.
So where will this interest take us next? The womenswear shows are
currently in full flow, hot on the heels of a menswear season that
questioned the status quo between the sexes at every turn. Whether
fashion will bravely continue to transgress the boundaries, or will
wilt into the shadows of gender stereotypes, remains to be seen.
Leading the vanguard as he prepares for Candy's third issue, Luis
Venegas is philosophical about his aims. "If showing these images and
stories somehow helps to change the conventions and what people see as
elegant or right or wrong, I'm happy about it. That wasn't the plan,
but at least people can look at this in a different way."
For what it's worth, I'm a real believer that we are starting to see the merging of the genders.  Human evolution, chemicals we consume and social media outlets are pushing the gender envelopes like we have never seen
If the current runway style helps or not has yet to be seen.  At the least, it's not negative and probably does not reach much of society, but who knows? It can't hurt!

Happy Valentines's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Andrej Pejic of course!
**see more pix in the library!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

In the T-News!

One new story and one old on the show!
The old one is the Thai airline recruiting transgender flight attendants.
The two attendants to the left of the picture are showing their "Id's" telling the world they are transgendered. Supposedly for immigration purposes.The other two were not identified showing once again the blurring of the genders in Thailand! Real or trans?

The second story features transgender model "Lea T".
Not to be undone by "feman" Pejic and his cover picture with "Kate Moss", Love Magazine's second cover of the year features "Lea".
It is worth mentioning "Lea" is transgender and "Pejic" is not . That we know!

Finally, from the old pix archives. I'm posting a "blond" shot from my past.  Don't really know why I've felt the need to do this lately!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Transgender Runways?

Another transgender model is set to follow in "Lea T's" high heeled footsteps.. Following Givenchy’s creative director Riccardo Tisci’s decision to hire Lea T to front their Fall/ Winter 2011 campaign, Marc Jacobs invited the Russian model Andrej Pejic to represent his Spring/ Summer 2011 collection.
Read the whole story on the "Million Looks" site.
As I written before, sites such as these only interest me on a small scale. Most of the fashion is so far from my style, it's a waste of my time to even look at a bunch of anorexic models wearing clothes I can't afford and aren't made in my size. BUT every now and then I can pick up a trend that really suits me.
As far as the "trans" models? The more the merrier! What do women know about real fashion anyhow? LoL!

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