In the T-News!

One new story and one old on the show!
The old one is the Thai airline recruiting transgender flight attendants.
The two attendants to the left of the picture are showing their "Id's" telling the world they are transgendered. Supposedly for immigration purposes.The other two were not identified showing once again the blurring of the genders in Thailand! Real or trans?

The second story features transgender model "Lea T".
Not to be undone by "feman" Pejic and his cover picture with "Kate Moss", Love Magazine's second cover of the year features "Lea".
It is worth mentioning "Lea" is transgender and "Pejic" is not . That we know!

Finally, from the old pix archives. I'm posting a "blond" shot from my past.  Don't really know why I've felt the need to do this lately!