Ride the "Transgender Express"

Quite by accident I stumbled upon yet another transgendered blog on the world wide web. "The Transgender Express" . The blog is written by a young transgendered woman named "Annika". Here is a little of her intro:
I’m still in the beginning stages of a long and rewarding process. I
try to avoid looking at too many transition time lines that I find
online. It makes me feel like a child counting down the days until her
next birthday. I can’t fast-forward time — so blogging about my
experiences is much healthier and more productive.

I hope to provide periodic updates on my transition here on
Autostraddle, as well as reflections on how my girlfriend and I are
losing the heteronormative privilege that we had taken for granted for
most of our relationship. I have no idea about what’s to come in the
months ahead, but I do know that I’m no longer filled with dread when
imagining my future. One thing is certain– I won’t be invited to the
annual frat alumni golf tournament this summer.

I particularly  like the term "heteronormative"! The blog is well balanced with experiences and pictures. Check it out!


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