I love the "Tranisfesto" Blog! Written by "Matt Kailey", his blog provides great insight into the life of a "ftm" transgendered person.
All the transgendered dynamics are the same of course but I'm fascinated with the "other" side of human nature.
What's it like to leave the sorority of women? Is it as hard to leave as it is to join?
On the flip side. How hard is it to join the fraternity?
My own opinion is that it is easier to join the fraternity. The rules are posted.  For me at least. I'm sure that ftm transmen aren't that sure that's true. Perhaps the fact that most men are very basic in likes and dislikes would make the initiation easier?
At any rate, Matt asks for opinions and gives many!
As much as we are different as transgendered individuals, we are the same.