The Transgender Potential

I know we all feel the pain of any of the transitions we do or are contemplating doing on our transgendered journey.
Of course transsexuals feel the most physical and financial pain due to SRS. That means absolutely nothing to the crossdressers who are hiding in the closet. The constant stress of hiding their feelings to family and friends is huge. I will throw transgendered people into the category between the two. No favors there! Often a transgendered person is making life choices concerning hormones or more.
Whatever category I have pushed you into, we all have the potential to use our transwoman status for the good.
My BFF has told me a number of times I have a unique chance to reinvent myself and she is right. The challenge to the process for me is to take as much of the good from both genders.
This of course is no unique idea. The movie "Tootsie" comes to mind as an example of a man who crosses gender lines and becomes enlightened.
Now, I don't know if enlightened is the right term.
I do know when we do cross the gender barrier it's a huge mistake if we don't bring our positive baggage with us.
I also know a gender change is not a personality change. The change however can be a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a special person. Very few humans have the opportunity to live the lives we do.
Sure, it was painful getting here. Hopefully the journey will be worth the pain!


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