Top 10 Reasons I Enjoy Being a Transgendered Woman

I wrote this quick post for another site I contribute to and I thought I would share it with you.
It is quite shallow and covers many stereotypes. I know you all know me pretty well so you can fill in the blanks,
Remember also the post went to a group with a majority of genetic women.

1.- My life experiences have become so much more intense
2.-I can enjoy the full spectrum of female fashion
3.-I can feel positively wonderful as a woman
4.-Men open doors for me
5.-I have an understanding of what both genders feel.
6.-I'm allowed to touch and be touched appropriately
7.-Girlfriend relationships are so nice!
8.-I have found being a woman is a mental state of mind. Being female is a birth situation.
9.-I love the attention from both genders. **
10.-Because I Can!

** When it's positive of course!


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