Cyrsti's Closet

I'm trying to get into a routine of least once a week writing just an overall look at life.
This week is sort of a middle point of this month in several ways.
I'm 12 days or so in my HRT and about 12 days away from my check up with my prescribing doc.
The only real change I'm feeling so far is an incredible sense of well being on occasion. I don't know if it's physically based (from the hormones) or mentally based (because I am taking them) but then again it doesn't matter because it is real.
Other than that, life has settled into a very different routine.
Not working a regular job has been scary and liberating -all wrapped into one.
Scary as in financial considerations and liberating as in being able to really concentrate on my writings and selling antiques.
All in all I'm trying to take a breather before life sweeps me away again as it always does.
I'm sure it won't be long before life opens my door again and says "come on girl, it's time to go!"
One thing is for sure, I'll be ready for the knock on the door!


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