"Trannier than Thou?"

I understand this phrase has been used for awhile but in my protected little world I have never heard it until this morning.
As luck would have it I also came across a blog by "Jane Fae" which covers the subject again.
Over the years, I have found the cat fights within the transgender community to be simply worthless.
I cannot believe so much energy is wasted on the topic.
Here is an excerpt from Jane's blog:

"So why didn’t i transition years back? How come i’ve lived the life
i’ve lived: enjoyed, as some would have it, a life of privilege; and
only now, with everything else done and dusted, come to a realisation
that a large chunk of the past was built upon a mistake?

Because, of course, there are those – purists – within the great trans
diaspora who take a very dim view of this late transitioning thing.
Why, they argue: if you transition after you’ve been married, or had
kids, you’re not proper. If you transition after teenhood, you’re not
proper. If you didn’t know, aged 7 and three-quarters…

If you didn’t transition in your mother’s womb you’re not a true transwoman."

Even though I agree with her, the whole argument gets so tiresome!
I have seen so much intellectual energy wasted on this by groups with in our community. Mostly on the so called big transgendered blogs. Time and energy which could be used to help our community.
Who cares if radical feminists don't like us anyhow? Isn't that why they are "radical"?
Can't we all just get along? Sometimes it seems all the estrogen and such ingested in what ever sort of male body seems to bring out more than a few of the bad female traits.

Certainly being "trannier than now" helps no one and is counter productive to our community.
So I said it and now I can get back to my life. Thanks for listening (or reading!)


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