A Child's View of Being Transgendered.

As I put more thought into a post I wrote (What is to Become of Me) about the full time girl I am becoming, I came up with anther thought.
Will I ever lose the joy I feel now? I can only compare it with a Christmas Day and a child.
I'm sure my feelings will subside but I'm not ready to give up on Santa yet!
My summer goal still remains to stroll down a line of shops or through a festival with a sleeveless top and my own hair softly tickling my bare back.
Hopefully in another 6 months, the hormones will be making changes in body allowing me to fill out a pair of women's jeans a touch better.  We will have to see what kind of gift Santa's hormones will bring.
My only problem is I have never been one to have much patience waiting for anything But waiting I am!
So far everything I have waited for has been worth it and I'm sure nothing will change that.
Certainly 2011 was kind to me. I was able to effectively close another chapter of my life and make wonderful discoveries in the friends and experiences areas.
At this point in my life I consider myself a "big play" person. I'm always looking for that special unforgettable  experience such as my New Year's Eve!
Of course I know realistically those experiences just don't come along many times but if you don't set yourself up in situations that they could-they never will. That is my goal for 2012.
I'm a true believer in life is too short.
I just hope I'm good enough so Santa doesn't forget me until it's too late!