Beauty and Brains?

Trivia question...How many times have I have been called " a chick" by another woman? Once that I know of, Last night.
I was lucky and got a seat before the other six or so trivia competitors arrived and asked for their game consoles. I was also lucky when I knew more answers than normal, a fact not lost on the couple beside me.
The woman just couldn't get over how I knew all those answers. 
For once I was able to put together a soft presentable voice and kept saying "it wasn't knowledge it was luck"
Emboldened by her liberal use of the "she" word with me, I even kind of flirted with a single guy who sat down next to me for a quick drink.
I figured it was time to go when a couple behind me was trying to get my attention. (Never a good thing) While I was paying I overheard the woman next to me say to someone on her phone "the chick next to me is leaving, now I have a chance to win."
The couple behind me? Wanted to tell me I had something stuck on my shoe.
What the heck, "girls just want to have fun!"


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