Too Close To The Flame!

I really try to stay a short distance of my home for most of my social activities. Far enough away to preclude chance encounters with people I really didn't want to see.
Perhaps you remember my post from a New Years Day emergency visit to a local grocery when  two cashiers recognized me. I used to feel confident my two persona's would not be recognized. Until that day.
I know now, women can track me because of my eyes. (They have told me) Men of course aren't that observant or intuitive.
Last night I met a friend close to home and as we chatted, a guy across the bar bought me a drink As I looked to see who it was, I recognized him as a guy I know by name.
A quick consult with my genuine grade "A" female mentor brought back the answer. Women usually never return the drink favor. Just "smile and say thank you:" was the answer. I of course followed that advice, finished my drink and took off.
In most instances, I never really have a definitive answer on my girl life. I really feel I will when I see this guy again. One way or another.I may have taken another step out of the closet without knowing it. A more intriguing thought... when is he going to come out of his?


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