As the Seasons Change

R.I.P Jimmy Buffett

As the calendar changes to September, around here in Southwestern Ohio, thoughts turn to the arrival of the Fall season.  Around here, Fall is finicky because it arrives in stages, It comes, goes and teases us before finally arriving for good with a vibrant display of colorful foliage in October. 

I have always been fond of the Fall. To me it meant the return of  warm fuzzy sweaters, leggings and boots. Plus, it means the return of football season which brings back many fond memories. I was fortunate my love of sports spilled over in many positive ways into relationships with all of my wives. Since I had developed my sports passions as a way to hide my true gender desires when I was younger, I was nearly panicked when I transitioned into a transgender woman and wondered how I would fill the sporting void.

Fortunately, I didn't have to worry long. I fairly quickly ran into other women who shared my passion and knowledge of sports. I have many great memories when I was able to gather with them and enjoy sports over a large draft beer. Something I would have considered impossible when I began to consider my male to female transition not so long before. The whole process enabled me to bring a huge part of my personal baggage with me into a new world.  Making my world more enjoyable was being able to enjoy the weather and the fashions of the season.

Before I did it, I needed to go through my wardrobe and add or subtract any necessary items. The whole process brought into focus one of the most enjoyable pastimes I craved when I transitioned. I had always been so envious of the women who were able to change their wardrobe with the seasons. Out went the old clothing boredom which came with men's clothing in came colors and vibrant change.  In fact, I have just started my process of wardrobe evaluation, and have began to plan for replacements. After looking, I know I better begin the process of shopping for more sweaters before the good selections are picked over. 

Over the years, I came to recognize the Fall with the good as well as the bad when it came to my existence. The change of the Summer foliage dying off represented the possible change of my old male self dying off. I remember vividly one night when I was driving all alone and shed a tear when I saw the dried brown leaves blowing across the road in front of me. I so badly wanted my life to change also but little did I know it would be years before it would. Speaking of changes, my blog gently weeps today when I learned of the passing of musician Jimmy Buffett. One of Buffett's biggest concerts every year was here in Cincinnati. It was one of the must see traditions for my second wife and I every summer. My passion for Jimmy began when I won the corporate front row tickets from the company I worked for at the time. His music always resonated with me and I am so sad to learn of his passing. Rest in Power!

The one good thing about a musician, their music has the potential to last forever.