Saturday, March 16, 2019

Sports Fan?

Here in Cyrsti's Condo, I have written often about how I felt when I began to cross the Mtf gender frontier and began living as a transgender woman.

One of the problems I had was reconciling my life long love of sports with my new life. Slowly but surely, I learned I didn't have to. Following some unfortunate happenings at gay venues (being discriminated against) I began to seek out a few of my former haunts to see if I could succeed in them. A couple were big sports bars/restaurants. As it turned out, for the most part I could go, watch my sports, drink my beer and be a woman. And, as an extra benefit, I met a couple other women (lesbians) who happened to share my love of sports. We had a great time and on occasion even were joined by another trans woman friend of mine.

Perhaps my biggest sports events came at professional baseball and football games in Cincinnati. One of my friends and I went to a couple Cincinnati Reds games followed by a NFL Monday Night Football game, again in downtown Cincinnati. What I remember the most was the abject fear of discovery from sitting around the same people (strangers) for such a long period. Even outdoing my fear of using the rest room. It all proved to be unfounded because, surprise-surprise, the other people were there to watch the game...not me.

All of this brings me to a similar comment from Connie:

"A major milestone, early in my transition, was reached when I actually went to a Mariners game. Sitting for three hours in one place among the same group of people opens one up to the potential of scrutiny like nothing else could. That was my fear, anyway. While there is plenty of downtime during a baseball game to do some people watching, I don't think I have ever been considered to be much more than just another fan who paid for a ticket, thus having the same right to be there as anyone else. I've been to many games since, and the only time I've sensed disapproval at a game was for snagging a foul ball from the guy who was falling over my back to get it for himself. Everyone else gave me a cheer!

Really, though, if one is tentative about being in a crowd of people, I would urge them to try to forget about anyone else. Chances are that they aren't going to even notice you, either. Besides, there's safety in a crowd. I'm much more aware (and rightfully so) when walking alone in a parking lot; all women should be"

So, if you are thinking of pursuing .your love of sports as a transgender woman or cross dresser, hitch up your big girl panties and do it!


  1. This season, I will be much more embarrassed to be seen as a Mariners fan than a transgender woman. :-)

    Tonight, I will be attending a play at the Seattle Repertory Theater. The only thing I will be self-conscious about is that my big head and hair may be obstructing someone else's view from behind me. I doubt anyone will actually cry foul, however. :-)

  2. Cincy is a great sports town although my sense of things is that it is more of a football town than baseball.

    It has been 15-20 years since I was there. I remember a great little hole in the wall Italian restaurant called "Scottys". Great sauce and perhaps best Italian sausage I have ever eaten.

  3. Like so many other towns this size, Cincinnati has a rapidly expanding food scene. I have never been to Scottys but I will keep an eye out for it.
    As far as sports go, the Reds are probably the fave team...but the new major league soccer team is maybe pushing both them and the clueless Bengals. Thanks for the comment!