Friday, March 15, 2019

The Weekend is Here

Once again, another week has shot on by here in Cyrsti's Condo. Yesterday was a stay at home day after going with Liz to her Doctor's appointment on Wednesday. The highlight of the trip was a first time visit to a local independent BBQ restaurant for a quick lunch. It was great! The semi bored girl taking our order seemed more concerned in treating us to reward cards as first time visitors  instead of showing any interest in me being transgender.

Thursday was a storm day which saw temperatures in the 70's give way to powerful storms, so since Liz works from home, we didn't go anywhere. It was the first time I have heard the tornado sirens go off around here, except for a test.

Saturday night, I am still holding out hope we will go out to eat. A friend of a friend (cross dresser) is visiting from Oregon and she is having a "welcome dinner."

Much will be determined by how Liz is feeling, she has been under the weather again recently. Knock on wood (for luck) I have not been affected much.

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