Thursday, June 25, 2015

What Does "Pride" REALLY Mean To You?

Rapidly another LGBT Pride month is rushing by. As it does, it's time to pause and ask ourselves what it really means to each of us. In years past, Pride was clearly a time for gays and lesbian's to celebrate their visibility and gains in society. (Well deserved)

We Transgender folk were pretty much along for the ride. We were the younger siblings who were really not invited to the party-but came anyhow.

Then the ultimate hurt came when we did go and were firmly included with the drag queens. 

Now of course 'times are a changin' -rather quickly. 

I began to attend Pride events only three years ago. In addition to the overall party aspects of the events I went to, there were pockets of information. Normally none of which directed to trans women or men. Yes, the "T" was invisible. It seemed I wasn't invisible though with the other attendee's. Many were very visible (to the point of being rude) with their reactions of me. I thought really? Did I have to put up with the "whip-lash" head looks and even a smirk or two? (Mainly from lesbians) I thought this party was mine too???

Back to my point. Pride to me means taking a look at where we as transgender women and transgender men have come. And, more importantly we are we are going. "Going" just could be the most important message for all of you still firmly in the closet and questioning. Regardless of what some say, coming out at any certain age does not determine your transness. What's between your ears does. So Pride is for all of you too.

I'm going to Cincinnati Pride this weekend. Yet other time to gauge how far we have come in what maybe the toughest crowd of all-our own. By the way-Cincinnati's parade marshal this year is not a cis gay man, not a lesbian but a real live out and proud transgender woman! She is  Erika Ervin, known professionally as Amazon Eve,  an American transgender model, fitness trainer, and actress.

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