Last night was the first of what I hope are many Trans*forming the Dialogue sessions hosted by Simmons College on Twitter. The hour went by way too fast!

First of all, consider this: Simmons is only the third US women’s college to accept students who identify as transgender. Perhaps you have read recently of more than a few transgender women who have struggled to be accepted number one as a woman and into other "all women's" colleges. Good for you Simmons!!!!

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Here is another link for you to check out which includes everything from the Twitter Dialogue I have mentioned here in Cyrsti's Condo, to LGBT Pride Celebrations to guest posts.

My only critique of last night is - the participants represented a variety of important transgender subjects. In fact, maybe too many for the time allotted. I know, even my "know it all self" was surprised and I hope the organizers were too- pleasantly.

One way or another Simmons, I am giving you an "A"!!!!