Showing My Age!

As I was shopping the other day, I discovered a really attractive two piece top. I took it off the rack and took a look at the price tag and saw "Made in Vietnam".
37-year-old Wendy Iriepa and 31-year-old Ignacio Estrada
Later I happened on a story of a couple getting married in Cuba on Fidel Castro's 85th birthday.
I read that  same-sex marriages are not legal in Cuba but Iriepa is now legally registered as a woman following her 2007 sex change.(Reuters is reporting.) The couple said the wedding would be both a first in Cuba's once-persecuted gay and lesbian community and a birthday "gift" for Castro.

In some senses I feel betrayed. Were all the tensions and loss of friends being wasted? Vietnam and Fidel Castro? After all it was Fidel and the Russians who took us to the brink of nuclear war.
Happily I feel relieved. In our lives all tensions seemed to be replaced by others. I guess it's good the old ones are getting laid to rest.
Too bad I don't smoke cigars anymore!


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