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Hormones part two.  Updating my visit to the VA to inquire about hormone therapy, updating you is easy.
There isn't an update. Nothing so far.  No appointment with a consulting shrink. Nothing,
OK, it has only been a week. Yes, I am impatient.
My imagination tells me my request is rattling the around the halls of the local VA. Yes we saw the transgender memo, but we have someone wants to do it? Here? Now what?
Truthfully, I wonder about the number of qualified  people the VA may have?
The person I talked to can legally prescribe hormones if she is allowed to.
Now, I do understand there are parameters. Not just any Tom,  Jane or Cyrsti should be able to walk in and leave with hormones.
I don't even know if I qualify with the lifestyle requirements. Sure I live most all of my leisure time female. Is that enough and am I just being paranoid? Probably.
All I need now is an "anti-paranoid" drug!


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