The call came from the VA psychologist. I will call her back for an appointment tomorrow.
Now what? I will tell her for sure I've taken this "girl" thing as far as I can go.
She will probably ask me if I really want to go further and why.
My life has been similar to digging a tunnel from two sides.  On one side is my inner girl. On the other is how she presents to the public. I believe a powerful connector could be the hormones.
Here is how I visualize this. (Years from now, we can revisit)
For example, the last three out of four times I've been out I have seen nothing that would lead me to believe the world didn't accept me as female. One end of the tunnel is moving inward quickly!
The other end is much more difficult to judge. She's a little jaded and cynical and has waited years to see if the light in the tunnel wasn't the train.
How are hormones the connector? Those of you who read the blog who are on them may agree with my ideas.
Sure the body changes I know. Any increase in breast size and hips is just the beginning to physically feeling more female.
The more dramatic connection would be mental.  I've written in the past about my "feminine" thoughts. I want the tunnel connected here.
I envision a "gentle" connection. I really don't want any invasive surgery but to want to have softer skin, nicer breasts and stronger feminine emotions n my life.
So we will see what the psychologist has to say.
Whatever her decision, work on the tunnel will continue!


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