KISS..Keep It Simple Stupid

At times (or most of times) I tend to get a bit mystical about how life kind of moves back and forth. I seem to go through phases of female interest and then the guys move back in. 
I've never been able to connect the dots of gender interest to how comfortable I'm feeling. Last night for example I had three women at least say hi.Later I finished the evening with a quick trip through a big grocery store about 10 at night.  I wondered down the aisles dong some light shopping and encountered a larger older handsome guy who was seriously checking me out from a not so sly side glance. From him I passed five girls who probably were in their early 20's who never gave me a second glance and finished with a young black guy looking straight through me. So I guess you can say I was successful..
So any connection? No.
Then in the last two days I have received much more female attention from one of the dating sites I'm on and had an incredible night out with a very close lesbian friend I hadn't seen for ages.
I am intrigued (and shouldn't be) by the gender dynamic I experience.  Women present a much softer dynamic to me; much more lifestyle orientated.  Men of course are "cause and effect". Follow the action with them and all is good.
So any connection? No.
When all of this begins to really heat up, life can be very interesting and confusing.  Then again all of the interaction is just what genetic women go through.
I can get as mystical as I want about all of this but the fact remains it's the life I chose. May as well have some fun doing it!


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