My Style

I've written and read many articles about women and their style.  I know what mine is but I have a hard time describing it.
I finally saw a picture of my dream girl. (At least today lol)
Well here is my style!
OK I know I can never look like her but I can take certain elements from her example.
Our hair is very similar. The hat is fabulous but would not work on me because I have a big noggin.
Her shirt is very similar to one I own but I have to wear it under a top or jacket because of my arms.
The shorts? Not even. I love them on her. I'm just a lot too old to be wearing those shorts!!!!!
Instead I work with a couple pairs of beat up bell bottoms with holes and a belt similar to hers.
I usually just wear them with flip flops and a long shoulder bag.  As I enter a room I do my best to show off the most important piece of my outfit...My attitude.  
If my model didn't have her shoulders thrown back and that smile on her face, half of the effect would be gone!
Many times the most important part of my outfits escape me due to years of negative conditioning. But hey, I'm working on it!