Transgendered...Not an Option!

Scanning the vast mass of inane e-mail messages I receive, I noticed a "free" offer from one of the "major" dating sites.
Of course I looked at it out of curiosity. That's just me! I had heard a while ago this site had added gay/lesbian possibilities. I thought maybe transgendered too?
Didn't take me long to find out. Under the who is seeking whom, the usual choices. "Man seeking woman, man seeking man" you know the rest. Well, as always I fit into none of these categories. Very used to that! I also knew that nothing is really free on these sites. So I went on with my life.
Once again though, our transgendered group was not an option. At the least they could have another listing for "I rather not say" or even "mixed."
I even went to a gay and lesbian site called "Chemistry" and couldn't find a transgendered category.
Yes, I know places exist for transgendered people but most are sleezy at best.
Unfortunately, our false "Jerry Springer" sensationalism must have proceeded us and doors are closed or we don't have enough economic clout to count. Recent survey's have indicated that could be the case too.
The "T" in"GLBT" is again silent.
No real surprise.


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