What WILL She Wear?

A real improvement!
In Britain, Transsexual Flight Lieutenant "Ian Holdum", is transforming himself into a woman called "Ayla". Nothing really special about that except "Ayla" is receiving an invitation to the upcoming royal wedding. It seems Ian was a member of the group the Prince joined following his training as a helicopter pilot. The officer was among 1,000 guests to get an invitation last month.
The unit is a tight knit search and rescue group which Prince William was part of. The quote was "Ayla is just another member of the crew - so why shouldn't she be there? There was no way William could exclude any individuals of the crew."
A great story! But now, what will she wear?

**Note.-Ian has been married for three years and has said she plans to continue the marriage. I just wonder if the wife had any idea of just how much better this guy looks as a woman?


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