Serious Violence

How sad is it we have to read again and again the story of a transgendered person being beat up or worse yet killed.
"But by the grace of God go I", I have only been personally close to a couple dangerous situations.
Two factors play into my success (knock on wood).  I learned (almost the hard way) not to be in a late, dark and isolated place by myself one night. A lesson a cis-woman learned from page two or three of her "girl guide".
Out of an alley two guys approached me and asked for money. I actually got out of the situation because I was trans and a 5 dollar "tip". Haven't been back since. Lesson learned.
The second factor does play into the violence aspect of the recent victims. Each of them...all of them decided at some point to not go back to a certain point of their gender existence.  Be it school, work or restroom, they all decided to live their life the way they needed to live it. The decision ultimately hurt them. The fortunate ones got away with only a beating.
Can you imagine the humiliation of the trans girl in the McDonald's restaurant who was beaten by other girls? She probably was raised not to raise a hand to a female. She began her life as a female and was beaten by them? Classic injustice.
I have reached the point in my life where I refuse to go back. I don't think I ask for much. I attempt to be a good citizen and mind my own business. I do ask for a touch of respect, the right to go where I want and use the restroom I want to use.
I know I have very fortunate to have lived the life I have so far.  I thank the God I worship everyday and ask her for guidance and karma.
In the meantime, my heart goes out to my sisters who have not been so fortunate.


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