Phil Donahue Eyes.

Remember good old "Phil Donahue"? Phil actually helped the transgendered cause greatly. For the first time ever, he approached the topic with a sense of realism not sensationalism.
In addition to my obvious interest in the subject, I always enjoyed the audience reaction. From indignant refusal to accept to starry eyed stares, Phil's cameras caught them all.
Entering a room full of mixed individuals at a drag show is not unlike being on the Donahue stage.  Many sets of eyes are on you. You are connected with the stage performers if you want to or not.. At many shows, the best looking women in the room aren't women at all.
In my younger days, I used to say "I could run with the queens". High heels and a skirt up to you know where was great fun.  In my "cougar" years my attempt at displaying female sexuality is much more subdued.
At the show I found all was not lost. As I surveyed the room looking for my friend, I did notice a couple sets of "Donahue" eyes staring back at me.
The eyes seem to have a mix of wonder and admiration? I will never really know. All I do know the eyes are good for the ego!


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