Female Bigots "Part Deux".

As soon as my decimated "DSL" service was restored (could be the serious rain and storms) I read the two comments to the "Female Bigot" post. Thanks!
I guess I just wanted to add my thoughts on transgendered people and their spouses or partners. Obviously I can only speak to the mtf side.
During the 25 years of marriage I experienced before my wife passed away, she slowly saw the man she married start to fade away. She knew from day one. I liked to dress in women's clothing. People told me I look good as a woman. Indirectly, she is the one who taught me that was only the beginning.
She indeed loved me and made me more of a decent human being than I could have ever achieved on my own. In the process, she even enabled me to develop my female side.
The trip was mostly hell with a bit of heaven mixed in. I always tried to imagine if the shoe was on the other foot? How would I feel like living with a guy? Wow! some kind of question!!!!
The answer of course was no. I wouldn't like it. If a poll was taken, I am sure a huge percentage of men would say the same. Just look at the number of men whose wife left them for another woman? How does that play on life's stage. Not well. Think about taking it up a notch and his wife is leaving him to become a man? The guy would have to leave the state.
My point is the "estrogen" wiring allows some women to allow their men to start down the female path. (Yes, I did say allow different topic). Sure dear it's OK to wear some of my undies. Stop sign. OK dear you can dress up fully around the house. Stop sign. OK dear, (if you must) it's OK to go to some of those meetings. You get the point.
What a tremendous amount of trust or love it must take to let your husband start down the road he knows he must take. I can't imagine the pain a woman goes through when husband begins to run stop signs and all of the sudden becomes more of a sister.
One of the stop signs I ran through happened a lifetime ago at a Columbus predominately gay/lesbian club. I went around the floor to get us a drink and when I returned she said "I couldn't believe you were my husband".
I'm just guessing, but I do believe the moderator of the group I was kicked out of had his license suspended for running too many stop signs.
She was a "back seat" driver in the group and became a "bigot" in the process.
You know? I can't blame her.


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