The "3 S's"of Transgendered Therapy

Sensory satisfaction plays a huge role in my transgendered life. In fact, being transgendered just sort of fades away. Apply what label you want (transvestite, crossdresser or transsexual), the sensual female experience is amazing.
Number three on my list is sound. As I was finishing my grocery shopping last night, I was acutely aware of the click of my heels.  This morning, the soft sound of my flip flops on the floor of the kitchen just made me feel a little more feminine.
Number two is scent. My own personal choice for years has been a vanilla body spray. The spray just gives me a light hint of scent when I move. I spray a touch into my hair which furthers the effect.
Number one of course is sight. From the soft swell of my breasts  to  long hair flowing over my shoulders and down my back provides deep satisfaction.  Toss in my manicured (stick on) nails and a couple fun rings on my fingers and I think you know the rest.
Much of this could be a reverse manifestation of my male life. If I did live full time as a girl, would the feelings be as dramatic? Probably not.
Would I know how the smell, sight and sounds of women effect guys. Absolutely! Maybe more so. After all, there hasn't been a woman born yet who hasn't seen or experienced what her sexuality could do to a guy. It's human nature. Then again, why are so many of us girls addicted to fashion? For ourselves? No for all of you male or female.
I have considered the narcissistic basis of all of this. My answer is yes I want to look as feminine as I can but be the best woman I can. Friendly and soft, I want to be approachable as possible as a transgendered girl in a sometimes crazy world. Then again...that is a whole different topic!


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