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Just a couple things to pass along.
I have been envious forever when I see a girl's skill in high heels. From dancing to working some can make it look sooo easy.  In my area of the world, it was cold last night. Wind chills down into the teens with a light blowing snow. Of course in the middle of all of this I had to go to the store and saw a woman in her stiletto heels. She was effortlessly navigating a rather slick floor. I was dazzled.
Just when I elevated walking in heels to a mystical level, I read a post in "Fashionista"  promoting "throw away" flats. The article went on to say the shoes were a girls answer to taking a fall on subway steps! My image of the perfect female domination of the sky high heel was shattered! Do you mean other girls get a heel stuck in a floor seam in a mall? Do you mean they twist ankles and look totally embarrassing at times? I felt instantly better! (and evil!)
Seriously, I know heels are a matter of practice and fit. Every once in a while though, it's nice to know other members of the "club" have the same problems!
Now, we all know the "club" is definitely the higher maintenance gender. In order to maintain my "Cougar Membership" (LoL) I'm always on the search for the miracle skin cream I can afford. One of the people I follow on "Hub Pages" wrote an interesting post on a new "miracle" wrinkle cream. "Nell Rose" is an interesting read from a number of different angles. Her husband came out as a trans girl and I first read her posts about the experience. If you follow the link, I believe you can read it too!
Finally, yesterday proved to be an exciting day.
Once again my car overheated on a busy interstate.  Limped it in to a service station and then the battery ran down.  The whole tow truck experience was an unneeded classic. Karma came to rescue me though with a nice hookup with a  great guy later in the evening!
I will pass along more about the car experience later!