Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing!

Last night I hurried home from work threw on some makeup, jeans, new boots and leather jacket and headed out the door late as usual.
Important stuff girls! I have to try to get to my Tuesday hang out spot early because it's two dollar pint night and you know the rest! Actually I was lucky enough to get the last quality seat at the bar and life was good.  The place sits beside a big mall and space was at a premium.
The only problem I was experiencing was my boots are kind of new and the floors are a little treacherous.  The remainder of snow we had didn't help.I worked my way through the crowd and all was good! (Did you ever notice how guys don't want to move?)
The really special part of the evening is when one of the bartenders gave me a tin of cookies they made and a Christmas card signed by all of them!  Awwwww, that was so nice.
I sipped a couple pints and then went to another restaurant nearby where I had a coupon for dinner. About half way through dinner a beautiful TALL redhead with stiletto boots walked in. I was knocked out by her height and beauty and she was not worried about being taller in those boots! I'm 5'9 and she had to have been 6'3. Boyfriend was very tall too so they made quite the couple!
I guess it shows if you are tall it's not the end of the world. I've seen the "Tyra Banks" of the world on television. In person tall is beautiful!


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